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Inspiration #TuesdayTruth

Roughly about two years ago,I decided I needed a motto to fit in with my blog.It needed to be something catching and inspiring.It was at this point my #Live2Inspire was born.I live and breathe my motto everyday or atlwasr I try to.And I even got it inked onto my hand last December.Now it is a permanent feature for life.
Ink Work -#Live2Inspire
In April this year,I wrote a post called #PlusSizeMe decides to #ChooseBeautiful.It was a ┬ávery personal and emotional post.Putting myself out there was daunting.The feedback I got from friends,family and readers was so supportive.A friend S who lives in the UK responded to that post saying “now that is how you inspire people!”
That post provided food for thought and the idea for my #OOTD fashion posts cause yes Plus Size women do wear clothes too.Accepting who I was a big lesson I learnt in that post.During one of the many hours I spend online I found this quote.Loved it ! And saved it !
I am not perfect by any means and neither do I have/live a perfect life.But I choose to deal with the hand of cards that life has dealt me and make the most of my situation.Every day is the chance to start over,try again and hopefully not repeat the lesson learnt.I hope to inspire others to :
1)Love themselves.
2)Be a kind human.
3)Be thankful.
5)Be grateful.
It is only human to want the perfect life/home/love/bank balance.But nothing is as it seems.Everyone we meet is fighting their own battles regardless of how “perfect ” their life seems.
So lets deal with our non “perfect” lives and inspire others that it is OK to not be perfect and lead perfect lives.If we all lived perfect lives ,how boring would the world be.Perfect would mean no mistakes and that means we would have no lessons to learn from.With everything so perfect it would mean we would be almost robot like and never do anything spontaneous or crazy.
I am @verushka143 ,a #plussize women who is afraid of heights,I cant pronounce certain words ,have stretch marks ,single ,no children and I live at home…..BUT I am a mistress of words,a plus size fashionista,a domestic goddess with a cute smile and often wear my heart on my sleeve.I refuse to be bullied for the way I look and things I can not do.The word impossible doesnt not exist to me.I hope to be able to live my motto and #Live2Inspire others into accepting their flaws,loving themselves,reminding them that they matter and to not only dream the life they want BUT to achieve it!
Who or what inspires you ?
Be Inspired!

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