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Footprints of Kindness #TuesdayTruth

FB_IMG_1437808170478I love footprints and one of my favourite quotes is Footprints in the sand.
Life is too short and unpredictable.People wont remember us when we are gone unless our life had impacted theirs.I have and am still trying on a daily basis to leave my footprints of kindness wherever I go.
Some days are harder than others , but each day I try to do atleast one kind action of love for my fellow humans.It doesnt take much to be kind.A simple smile , saying hello , helping someone carry heavy bags it is indeed the little things that do take up the biggest places in our hearts.
So today , I urge you to start leaving your legacy of footprints that are filled with kindness.Each footprint of kindness is the chance to make someone’s day and cause a ripple effect of kindness footprints.The world we live in can be very cruel so lets try and make the world a better place with our footprints of kindness…..
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