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Life Lately ….#2016Edition

Though we are only into the second month of 2016 ,boy oh boy has it been busy. So much has happened and is happening all at once that at times I feel as if I am going to faint from exhaustion or excitement. Grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine sit back and find out how Life has been Lately …….
Life Ĺately SpiceGoddess
These days…..
My day is filled with so much to do that often I wish I had more hours in my day or a twin to help me. This year with my new workload in Tourism , I am constantly reading up and preparing for my students. My mornings are generally filled with errands before I head off to work at midday. These days I rarely watch TV and I seem to have a stockpile of recorded stuff to catch up on. I seem to be spending lots of time with mum even if it means we watch a movie together of my choice naturally. Healthwise I am trying to make healthier choices and that includes cutting out fizzy drinks from my drinking list. I am making it a point atleast 3 times a week to do some Adult Colouring one of my newest hobbies.
At the moment…
I am in recovery mode after having my tooth extracted. I have been pretty much on a liquid diet for the last 3 days. Still in a lot of pain BUT this #WarriorPrincess will be fine in a few days. I feel kind of rundown at the moment so using this Friday evening to relax with a cup of tea while I do some blogging is just what the Doctor ordered.
Looking forward….
I am so looking forward to next weekend and no not because it is Valentines Day but for other reasons. All will be revealed in good time. 2016 is looking rather special even with only just a few weeks in super excited for the year ahead. And soon it will be my Birthday month in April 🙂
I believe ….
That 2016 is going to be off the rocks and be filled with all sorts of wonderful. The romantic in me still believes in Kismet and I await my Prince Charming patiently. Letting Go is a vital part of life that needs to happen so that the right things fall into place.
I wish …..
That 2016 brings you ENOUGH of everything that your heart desires.
I am convinced….

  1. Hard work never killed anyone.
  2. Not everyone will like you and be your friend.
  3. Gratitude needs to be apart of our lives daily.
  4. Be a kind human.
  5. Dreams do come true.

How has 2016 been treating you so far?
Be Inspired !
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