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Find your Passion #TuesdayTruth

I simply LOVE the word Passion. To me it suggests fiery love, uncontrollable feelings and lost in the moment scenes. Wait hold up that also describes the Romantic within me. The dictionary gives such a small meaning of the word Passion but is such an important word.
Definition of Passion
I recall writing an English Literature essay ,many moons ago on the theme of Passion in Romeo and Juliet. I still recall parts of the essay where I discussed the different types of Passion portrayed throughout the play. Passion is not only romantic but can be the opposite where someone passionately dislikes a person.
I recall always hearing “adults” around me talk about Passion and how important it was to find your passion. Roughly four years ago , I found my passion in Blogging and boy oh boy has it changed me and my world.
Find your Passion
I now truly understand this quote and this year more than ever I am so passionate that I feel I might get dizzy from all the excitement. I have always loved travelling and exploring the world through my eyes. I have been fortunate enough to live abroad and had the chance to travel. My lil blog has also given me the opportunity to explore my love of travel.
My 9 to 5 job is that of a Lecturer. I have taught in different learning areas over the years. Along the way work become boring and almost a chore. Everyday felt like Groundhog day. BUT last year 2015 the campus had major changes and reshuffling in terms of Learning Areas. This meant I might have to relocate to another campus or find my self with a new teaching load. We were given the opportunity to pick what we would be comfortable in so instantly I chose Hospitality and Tourism. So this year my new teaching load consists of Tourism related subjects. I am over the moon as my love of travel has been fuelled again. I simply can not wait to get into my classroom and teach my students. I lose track of time as I get so engrossed in what I am doing with my students. And the added bonus is that all my students are so keen and interested in Tourism.
Work is no longer a chore or Groundhog day but rather something I look forward to every day. It is true what they say “Do what you Love and you will never have to work a day” I am very grateful that my passions have now collided and match.
My advice to you is discover what your passion is ,discover what gives you butterflies in your tummy and go for it. Life is too short to be unhappy. I love my blog and my 9 to 5 job which now combines my loves. I feel I am in a good space right now doing what I am passionate about.
What are you passionate about ? Are you willing to find and follow your Passion ?
Be Inspired !
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