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Things that bring us here … Life Lessons

In the Lessons of Life , we are constantly learning each and every day of our lives. The past and the present mould and shape us for the future.
Things that bring us here.... Life Lessons
I , often look back at my life and recount all the lessons that have made me the person that I am now. At those life defining and heartbreaking moments I could not fathom why the man above was putting me through this. They say “Nothing really ever goes away ,until it teaches you the lesson”

Three life lessons that brought me here ….

  1. My first teaching job – After finishing my studies I was already applying and looking to move abroad and teach. But the Universe had other plans. I was offered a post at a boarding high school in Ixopo.  Now let me tell you about Ixopo, 1 main road ,a small town and nothing to do. For a city girl this was hell and worst thing was I put on weight because of eating my meals at the hostel.
  2. Moving to London – The move was something I did not expect to happen so quickly. But the adventures and lessons I had were beyond my wildest expectations.
  3. My coming home to SA – Very much like my departure was rather sudden and at the request of my Dad. Honestly looking back I have  no regrets but gratitude for this life lesson.

So what exactly did I learn from these life lessons :

  1. Be open to new opportunities.
  2. Be grateful.
  3. Detachment.
  4. Miss Independent.
  5. Sense of adventure.
  6. Learned to look after myself.
  7. Taking chances.
  8. Everything in life is a lesson or a blessing.
  9. Pick your battles wisely
  10. Live , Laugh and Love regardless.

You probably thinking wow everything looks all rosy and fun and happy so what did she really learn?

 Well to be honest the truth is on the flip side of the coin this is what I learnt :

  1. To live alone in a foreign country without my family and some days there were enough tears to flood the streets of London.
  2. I had to learn how to use a washing machine and to clean my flat. All lessons in becoming a good wife lol.
  3. I learnt to budget my salary so that all my bills could be paid and there was some extra for travelling.
  4. I learned to make tough decisions on my own.
  5. I learnt having a broken heart does not mean you will die.But Biltong does help.
  6. Friends are the family we choose.
  7. We should listen to our parents “sometimes” because they do know best.
  8. I learnt to enjoy my own company and not be dependant on others for my happiness.
  9. I learnt that I  needed to use my alarm clock to wake up for work or else I would be late and not be able to get on a bus.
  10. Trust your journey ahead no matter how many dark clouds fill the sky.

So you see ,everyone has a story to tell and not everything is all rainbows and sunshine. My three defining life lessons have given me the courage , gratitude and knowledge that has brought me to where I stand right now. Without these my life would have been way different and more than likely this blog would not have been born.
Embrace each day ,trust the journey ahead. What are some of the life lessons that changed you forever ?
Be Inspired !
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