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10 easy steps to beat Monday Blues

Mondays seem to always get a bad reputation. Just mentioning the M word on a Sunday is considered a big no no. Today been a Public/ Bank Holiday makes Monday a lil bit easier to deal with but still those Monday Blues seem to be appearing.
For me personally the last few weeks have been rather hectic and I wrote an Exam last week. On top of all of that I have literally a ton of marking to complete with the next two days and no I am not over exaggerating here. So am I feeling the Monday Blues ? YES I am. Right about now instead of marking I want to be curled up in bed reading one of my new books but alas I will have to settle for a small break before I start marking again.
So today I really need some motivation to get cracking and finish off the marking. Here are some #MondayMotivation tips to get you and me through today and every other Monday :

  1. Use a part of your Sunday to plan your week ahead. I find making To Do lists really work for me. This gives my week ahead some structure.
  2. Take small breaks like what I am doing right now and do something that you enjoy.
  3. Keep hydrated, this morning I started my day off with a Carrot,Apple and Mint Smoothie. All sorts of goodness combined with Coconut Water. Drinks lots of water and try to keep away from the coffee.
  4. Eat a meal. Do not skip a meal as when hungry we can not concentrate and often develop the “Hangry” symptoms. When hungry we also tend to reach out for all things that are not good for us.
  5. Listen to your favourite music while working. Create a playlist and get listening. Headphones are required if you are at work. I need to find me some headphones.
  6. Wake up with a positive attitude on a Monday morning. This means getting enough sleep the night before.
  7. Try  to have a digital detox on a Monday. Limit the amount of time you spend online.
  8. Go outside get some fresh air during your lunch break. Eat your lunch outdoors.
  9. Be organised this means creating order in your work space.
  10. Think of Monday as another chance and opportunity to get closer to your goal and vision.

How do you motivate yourself on a Monday ? Do you find these tips useful ?
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