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My father my Hero

Those of you who know me through my blogs or tweets know that my dad passed away last New Years morning 2012 after a battle with prostate cancer.This was a total blow to our entire family and friends.
During 2012 i had to grow up over night and my brother and I become the parents of the home. It was a great learning curve but also one where we both had to focus on surviving and looking after mum and gran . Me personally i havent grieved for my dad as yet as i have be strong for everyone else at home.
Novemeber 2012 marked the traditional Indian and Hindu rituals for dad . My mum asked me to pay tribute to my dad , i couldnt say no but it was a task that took me forever to do.
I will share that little tribute :
My father …. a dynamic man , a soccer legend , a great speaker and a man who truely loved life and lived life to its fullest . As an only child my dad shared an extremely close bond with his cousins and his extended family. This year has been a year of going down memory lane recalling stories of my father, many sitting here today i am sure have vivid and vibrant memories of my father who more than often was the life and soul of a party.
My brother Nico and I were both expectionally lucky to have a father who exposed us to the wonderful world we live in and he gave us the freedom to explore our dreams. As children we travelled extensively in South Africa and were taken to experience very different food from chinese to japanese to portugese and yes even crocodile and ostrich. The greatest lessons my father taught us was that life is meant to be lived and each day should be lived to its fullest , experience new things, take chances and explore this world. LIFE IS NOT ABOUT THE BREATHES THAT WE TAKE BUT THE MOMENTS THAT TAKE OUR BREATHE AWAY.
I guess it never gets easier though everyone says it does in time .During the last year i have had such amazing support from friends both in my everyday life and my online communities.
They say every girl’s dad is her first love and the measure she uses for all men in her life , i can now tell you this is so true .
Dad we miss and love you everyday , the house does feel very empty without you.Thank you for giving me so much that I didnt realise it until you were no longer here. Listening to Dance with my father again but Luther Vandross now has a whole new meaning to me.
Tell those we love that we love them appreciate them , treasure them always x

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