Wisdom from a friend

Last night while going through my Facebook feed I came across a very interesting link to a blog post.My friend Cyril Naicker wrote this post

It was a very thought provoking blogpost and got me thinking about my life and reflecting.Yes I am over 35 ! Yes I am single ! But it doesn’t mean I am dead its simply means my Prince Charming is still on his way and in the mean time I am to continue living and loving life.Society loves putting people into boxes but I see no box all I see are opportunties to live and be happy.

I am at a good place in my life working on my dream of living my passion.During my journey of life I have met a number of people who have thought me lifelong lessons.Some of these people have stayed and some left.

One of my biggest lessons while I lived in London,was getting used to my own company.At first it was rather difficult but soon I realised how much I enjoyed spending time on my own.This was my time to enjoy my own company to reflect , watch a marathon of series and spend all day in my pjs.Its a very valuable quality enjoying your own company as most need to constantly need to be around people.

Cyril mentions in his blog that he is going to celebrate each birthday in style.This so makes sense and explains why personally birthdays are to me very special and I always plan and do fun stuff with loved ones.

Thank you friend for sharing this wisdom and making me reflect on my life thus far.I am grateful and blessed for every opportunity and person in this journey of life.And I look forward to the future with its new chances and opportunities.

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