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The Little Guide to 2016

Happy 2016 !
This new year is feeling rather incredible already just two days in. There seems to be a lot of positive energies around and everyone is optimistic about the year ahead.
Last year was pretty awesome but my gut feeling is that 2016 is going to be incredible and filled with all sorts of magic and adventures. I have high expectations for this year.
Just before the New Year , there were loads of quizzes and blog posts about picking a word for 2016. This is something I had never dine but was keen to try it out. No word stood out so I forgot about it until I came across one of them Quizzes on Facebook that picked a word for you and low and behold the word it selected for me was LOVE. I want to fill 2016 with all sorts of LOVE in and my life and hopefully the Love of my life will finally find his way to me. Love is a simple word with so many meanings, often used without meaning it so please make sure you mean it when you use it.
Love the word for 2016
I dislike the word Resolutions, because there is so much pressure to achieve this. And the sad reality is that for most of us we do not achieve it pass the first month of the year. So instead I use the word Goals which suggests no pressure and can be a work in progress. Going on a blog break this holiday meant , I had time to reflect on me , the year that was and what did I want to achieve in 2016.
A few tips :

  1. Set realistic goals.
  2. Keep the goal simple.
  3. Keep a record of Goals so you have a reminder.

My Goals for 2016 :

  1. Take care of my body,mind and soul. This means eating healthy ,getting some exercise ,stop stressing and letting go of things give me stress.
  2. Say YES to more opportunities and this might mean stepping outside of my comfort zone.
  3. Put myself out there. Make myself visible to the world.
  4. Read more. I have set myself a Goal of 20 complete ( not reading halfway) books for 2016.
  5. Start doing meditation. The wonders of this is immense so keen to get this started.
  6. Last year , I started to watch a TedX video every night before I left. Doing this left me feeling inspired. So this year I am going to start doing this again. I hope someday to be invited as a speaker to TedX.
  7. Travel locally and internationally. This will be great for my blog as well.
  8. Be grateful and a kind human always.
  9. Start driving !

10.Work on the Spicegoddess Brand making it a name that is on every PR list and will be giving me a source of income.
The New Year , gives one hope and the courage to believe in their dreams and aspirations. I wish you an Incredible 2016 filled with love and all sorts of Magic. But most of all ….
2016 Wishes
Share your Goals for 2016 with me, I would love to know.
Be Inspired !
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12 thoughts on “The Little Guide to 2016

  1. Great post!
    I’m also not so keen on ‘resolutions’ but have set myself a few realistic/achievable goals for this year.
    I’ve been so busy these last few yrs being only a mother to my 2 kiddies that I’ve put my own wellbeing on the back-burner. So, for starters, I’m getting my sexy back πŸ˜‰ I’m working on getting fitter, and just spoiling myself a lot more.
    There’s also a lot more I want to achieve on a professional level, so I will spend more time working towards professional registration.
    Then, on a lighter note, I’d like to get back to reading and trying out a few more hobbies I’ve always been interested in (sewing, blogging, photography)

  2. awesome goals – and I love your word for 2016. I have been fast putting my plan into action so that i can achieve my 2016 goals, I love this time of year, its so hopefully and optimistic. I want to try keep positive for the rest of the year.

  3. Terrific goals! I think for me it’s about letting MY light shine. I tend to step back and allow others to shine and forget that I too have something to offer. God put me here for a reason and I need to stop ignoring that. You encourage me and I am thankful we are friends!!

    1. Happy 2016 Robyn.Humbled reading your comment.We are all here for a purpose find your purpose and then give it away.Paths cross for a reason and I am glad we “met” This is your year to shine and show the world who Robyn really is !

  4. Yes a happy, fulfilled and magical 2016 is my hope for you and all those we LOVE… (HaHaHa – you see me making use of your word..?)
    This year is going to be great..
    Keep us in inspired for 2016..
    Beyond and further always

  5. I also don’t like resolutions. I have some very vague ideas of what I want to get done this year and one of those things is also to say YES more. I say no too much and I am a bit of a hermit. LOL.
    Good Luck!

  6. Great goals there Verushka!
    I’ve set a few myself. I feel the same about resolutions. πŸ™‚
    I decided to make myself accountable to one major goal by writing about it daily and announcing that I’d be doing it to my followers on FB. There’s nothing like looking daft if you fall off the train! Well, that’s MY way of ensuring I take on one major task, anyway!
    Good luck with your own. Be happy and healthy. That’s the most important stuff.

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