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Tea in the Indian home

There is no function that occurs in an Indian home where Tea is not served.Each family have their own way of preparing this hot drink and their own official Teamaker. Some like boiled milk, while others prefer cold and some will always add loads of sugar to the teapot so everyone is given a sickly sweet cup of tea. Some prefer tea to be served in a cup with a saucer while others prefer a big comforting mug.

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In my family and extended family this is my task regardless of how hot it is or how many people I have to make tea. This got me thinking as the British too love their tea and any problem or good news is solved with a switching on of the kettle. I am definitely thinking the British spending time in India made them a tea drinking nation.
Nothing is more comforting than a hot cup of brew in your favourite mug, to make you take a deep breath and then exhale. A cup of tea seems to cure every problem in the world. I find having a cup of tea does calm me down.
The market has now been flooded with all sorts of teas from fruit flavoured, to green and yes even powdered chai tea.Each offering its own flavour and healing property.I must admit I have a weakness for any vanilla or chai tea variants and will buy them regardless of price.
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A few years ago I read a very funny book by an Indian author called Kavita Daswani, the book was called the purpose of marriage. This book was very interesting on the Indian community and how they viewed skin colour. If a guy or girl was tea coloured (that is tea with milk), he/she would be much more suitable for marriage and have many suitors. So as you can see the obsession of tea is not only about drinking it lol.
My recipe for tea :
In a teapot add half milk and half boiling water.To this add the number of teabags you need, once the liquid mix has started to boil. Into this add sticks of cinnamon and whole pods of Elachi. let this boil, then drain off and serve.Enjoy
Have a fabulous tea drinking day, time of a cup of chai me thinks! Are you a coffee or tea person ?
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