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Sunday Brunch #Recipe

Sundays is the only day in most homes when the whole family are in.As far back as I can recall my mum and gran made amazing brunch dishes.Brunch was always a combination of English breakfast with Indian touches.I can vividy picture mum and gran preparing brunch with an Indian radio station on full blast in the background.Oh wait it still happens.Though only difference is I join them too but only if the radio station is changed.
Sunday brunch is always a big meal with dinner been very light meals or leftovers.At times I often think my gran is so British with her ways of eating and food choices.Marmalade jam,grilled tomatoes ,bacon ,fried mushrooms and sunny side up eggs all  washed down with milky strong tea.
One of the first things I was taught to cook was to make a Spicy  Tomato Chutney.Why you may ask ?Well its the basis to many Indian dishes including the recipe I am sharing today.
Egg Chutney is basically a combination dish of “poached” eggs in a spicy chutney.There is a popular Northern African dish called Shakshouka which is very similair to the Indian version of Egg Chutney.The North African dish is also a spicy tomato chutney but with Merquez (spicy lamb sausage),spinach,feta and eggs.This hearty breakfast is served piping hot from the oven with freshly baked bread,yoghurt,Harissa and Olives.The chuntey is cooked and to it the grilled chopped sausages and spinach is added whole eggs are added to this mix and baked for 10/15minutes and garnished with coriander.During my stay at The Winston Hotel I had this moorish dish for breakfast and instantly was taken back to my London days of having breakfast in North African cafes and my holiday in Tunisia.My breakfast companions at the Winston Hotel all ordered the same dish as soon as they saw mine.Its a very hearty dish perfect for sharing like most North African cookery.
FB_IMG_1437904862547My recipe is..
Ingredients serves 5
8 Tomatoes finely chopped or grated
1 finely chopped onion
2TBS oil
5 eggs
1TBS masala or more according to your tolerance to hot food
1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste
Coriander chopped to garnish
1)finely chop onions
2)grate tomatoes
3)crack open each egg and keep in a bowl.
4)heat oil ,add onions to brown
5)add masala then tomatoes to onions ,add sugar which cuts down the acidity of the tomatoes.
6)Cook for 10/15 minutes till tomatoes literally melt then add salt to taste.
7)Slowly add in the eggs .Lower the heat and cover the pan/pot.A skin will form over the egg yolks.Then switch off heat add chopped coriander and then its ready to eat.
What are your family favourites for brunch ?
Bon Appetite

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