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Keep Life Simple #TuesdayTruth

IMG_20150728_132006Three words only but such a powerful thought provoking message.Life is simple yet we make things complicated by doing too much ,overthinking and expecting too much.
Life lessons pop up every now and then to remind us of what we need to do.With my current status of been sick for the last 4 weeks,I have indeed been reminded of this lesson.It is hard to do but trust me the benefits are fantastic food for your soul.
So I have decided to keep my life simple in the following ways :
1)Take care of myself.
2)I have started reading again something that I loved doing but stopped.
3)Making better choices for my health by eating the foods my body needs and not what it wants.
4)Spending time with my mum and gran.I have realised that they both are getting older and wont be here forever.
5)Care about those who care for me.Be thankful to my Cheerleaders who always have my back.
6)Let go ….when you learn to do this you allow space for other fantastic things to start happening.
7) Focus on me and my bigger picture.
8)Write a to do list for the week and work through 2 items only per day.
9)I enjoy my own company ,a lesson I learnt from living alone abroad.So I look forward to the moments of me time.
10)Stop and enjoy the lil pleasures in my world ,like a beautiful sunset,a laughing baby,coming home to a home cooked meals and smelling the roses.
My #TuesdayTruth to you is simply 3 words KEEP LIFE SIMPLE.When things are simple the benefits are tenfold.Everything seems possible and most importantly your soul feels alive.
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