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Be a nice Human #TuesdayTruth

IMG_20150804_152024Over the last week at work ,I have been a victim of bullying.Bullying is something I thought would never happen to me and then it did.This left me with a mixed bag of emotions including including anger and a sad face.
Bullying happens in various forms and often is indirectly done to a person.The mental torture of bullying leaves more scars than the pyschical form.So you are now ¬†thinking of why I was bullyed here is the story….
The bully had not got her way in terms of subject allocations and wanted my allocations.My response was no as I had a mix bag and was happy with my load and I had a new subject which no one wanted to do.
And so because I said no , she started passing remarks about a very sensitive topic “Fat Women” .She openly discussed in my presence about how “ugly ” she felt that she was 10kgs overweight.Now all of you who like me have had and still going through a battle of the bulge know annoying it is when a thin person says that.The comments that then followed included ” men who like fat women are perverted and disgusting.How can they like or want to be with a fat person?”.I sat there fuming my ears and cheeks getting hotter.I kept my head down and checked my emails on my phone.The bully could not find another way to hurt me so decided to pick on my physical apperance.
FB_IMG_1432579497768I was upset about the comments but did not react.Once I got home , I had a heart to heart with mother dearest.Talking to mum always helps.Later that evening I came across this quote on Facebook and it made me feel better.Is been FAT really worst than all the other things mentioned?
This got me thinking about how cruel people can actually be.We judge people without knowing the reason behind of what makes them overweight,is it a medical condition ? Are they battling an illness?
I ¬†am more than just the word “fat” .I am a hardworking woman who is passionate about her world.I care for others even if they choose not to return the care.There is so much more to me and the word “fat” does not define me.
There have been several posts by bloggers recently on bullying in the blogging community ,which is really sad.There are enough opportunities to go around for everyone.All these groups,cliques are very visible on social media platforms.I am reminded of the classic movie Mean Girls , which is based on a group of high school girls.We live in a crazy world filled with all sorts of people.
My #TuesdayTruth to you is to “be a nice human” .Dont judge others , or say things to hurt them.If we all tried to be a nice human , the world would indeed be a better place for all humans and animals……
Be Inspired !

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