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The little things #TuesdayTruth

IMG_20150706_150643Yesterday while Mum and I went out for lunch we popped into the shops.I love Holidays as it means I get to spend quality time with Mum.Off recently cushions in home decor stores seem to catch my attention.And if you follow me on Instagram @verushka143 you would have seen me upload pictures of cushions.So yesterday I saw this quote on a cushion and it really caught my attention.
Then last night while looking at possible images for today’s post,I saw this.IMG_20150707_133407
It seemed the Universe was indeed sending me a message and I had to respond.We all live crazy busy lives and we forget about enjoying life and those lil pleasures.This has nothing to do with money but experiences and moments.
My mum’s favourite quote is “Dynamite comes in small packages”The reason behind this is that mum is rather height challenged but is dynamite.Thinking along that train of thought and today’s truth it is really the smallest things that do make us happy and take up the biggest places in our hearts.
I decided to share a list of 10 Lil Things that make me Happy :
1)A message /call from friends and family when I am feeling under the weather.
2)Enjoying a cup of tea in my favourite mug after a long day.
3)Having the time to read a book oh and the smell of those pages.
4)Eating a meal with my mum and gran.
5)Freshly changed bedding.
6)Looking at old photos.
7)Cooking for my family.
8)Watching movies on the Romance channel yes I am indeed a hopeless romantic.
10) My 2 precious fur babies Chai and Zara who get so happy to see me all the time.
So today I urge you to enjoy the lil things in life.As it is true what they say that the smallest things do take up the biggest spaces in our Hearts.What are the little things you enjoy and make you Happy ?
Be Inspired !

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