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YES or NO #TuesdayTruth

Time is such a beautiful teacher, if I look back on when I first started blogging everything was a YES.But now I am learning to say NO to people and situations that stress me out and make me unhappy.Medical research has proven the negative effects of stress on our body.Looking back a year ago today I was not in a happy space but in 2015 I am happy and feeling good about what lies ahead of me.We all have the choice of saying YES to happiness but we tend to doubt ourselves and I often say that the situation or person is out of my league.My happiness is based on saying NO and letting go of the stress.These days I smile more, I laugh more and I believe in me more.Right now everything in my world is within my reach.All that is negative has been banished.I honestly feel that my guardian angels are walking this journey of 2015 with and all the stress,heartache and dramas have been in preparation for all the better days that lie ahead of me.Do yourself a favour and say YES to happiness and start saying NO to all things that stress you out.
Have a fab week ahead filled with happiness.
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