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The Winston Hotel – REVIEW

IMG-20150128-00045On the 27th of January 2015, I flew off to JHB for my first media event for 2015.I was attending the Lenovo Launch of #YOGAMyWaySA. On receiving my flight and accommodation details, I instantly googled where I would be staying for the night. In true Lenovo style it was a 5 star Boutique Hotel situated in Rosebank.Instantly the name The Winston got me excited reminding of my love of all things British.
As we drove in the gates of the hotel, it seemed be very normal nothing out of the ordinary not even 5 star.But trust me looks can be decieving.We were welcomed by the reception where check in was done very quickly. My luggage was taken to my room. The ladies on reception were friendly and helpful and also reminded us that lunch was to be served. The decor in the arrival hall was very classy and elegant with hints of Britain and Africa evident. My room was stunning a huge King-size bed, a balcony overlooking the very inviting pool and yes my own coffee machine.
Before getting to my room there was this gorgeous library and reading room. The books are defogging collectors’ items.
Getting lost in the beauty of my room , I realized I didn’t have much time to get ready for my event. Next move was to have lunch. The dining area overlooks the pool is bright and airy , attentive staff. The menu was limited but had salads and sandwiches on offer for lunch.I chose a peri peri steak roll which was moorish and came with a side order of chips.
Before lunch I requested an iron as my dress had gotten creased in packing.On returning to my room an iron and ironing board were placed in my room. The bathroom had an amazing shower and bathtub with fluffy white towels and slippers. Loccitane (drool) products were found in the bathroom from soaps to shower gel to body cream.
As I went downstairs and waited to be picked up for my event did it all suddenly hit me.It was mid afternoon , hot , sticky and it was raining. I instantly imagined that this was what it would feel like in India and during the time of British in India. I felt as if I was transported back in time to India and the paintings of beautiful Indian women made it more real. At any moment I expected a peon to arrive with a silver tray offering me a Gin and Tonic to “quench Madam’s thirst”.
On returning to the hotel that evening the outside was most beautiful almost magical lit with gas lamps. I went up and quickly freshened up before going off to meet a dear friend. When entering my room I found my bed covers turned over, curtains drawn, aircon on, slippers at the side of my bed and a silver tray with an Amarula night cap. I could so get used to living in a hotel like this. Oops I forgot to mention the free Wi-Fi and amazing desk which in my room had a view of the pool.
Then the silence was broken by my phone in the room going off only to inform “Maam that there was a gentleman waiting for her downstairs”. I hurried along and got down to be told that the gentleman had popped to the bathroom. Gosh it was so posh !
Getting back rather late that night I jumped into my very cosy bed and drifted off to the land of nod. My sleep broke rather early that morning so I made some coffee from my machine and stood in my balcony as I welcomed the new day. This was so blissful and tranquil.
It was time to shower, get ready and pack before heading to breakfast .A varied number of options were offered and no bacon was offered on the menu. I settled for the North African breakfast which sounded divine and instantly took me back to when I travelled into North Africa. I was not disappointed with my choice of meal , it looked and tasted so good that my other breakfast companions picked the same.
After a leisurely yum breakfast it was time to check out and wait to be taken to the airport. Check out was fairly quick and easy. The staff were ever so helpful as I needed to leave a bottle of vino to be collected for a friend , it was no problem .While waiting the group was offered hot drinks as the weather had dropped several degrees lower. My one night at The Winston Hotel was a real 5 star experience and I could picture myself staying there.
I would like to thank Lenovo for accommodating me in such a fantastic hotel and a big thank you to The Winston Hotel for making my stay one for my memory books. More details can be found here on the hotel…
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