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#MissionSamsung Challenge – Take Note

Two weeks ago I received a call from the team at Epic Comms giving me the news that I was selected to participate in #GalaxyNote4 challenge.I was over moon and very happy to chosen to do another #MissionSamsung.During the 1st #MissionSamsung challenge Sebastian NX300 camera moved in for three weeks with me.Boy oh Boy did we have fun and create a million memories.So when Seth arrived I was rather intrigued and couldn’t wait to get to know my possibly new lover.
Those who know me , know that of recent times I have been having endless dramas with my current handset.So when the utterly gorgeous Seth moved in last Tuesday I knew that I could easily fall for him and it wasn’t just his good looks which has a leather effect finish but amazing brain that caught my attention.Having read several online reviews about the Galaxy Note 4 I was rather keen to start this relationship with Seth.
Like all new handsets a full charge is needed which literally takes about 4 to 5 hours on its first charge.So on returning from work I decided to give Seth some juice and get him up and running so we could get better acquainted.I was rather afraid of the loadshedding and that I wouldn’t be able to charge up Seth fully.BUT Seth comes with a fast charging charger which means you can get 50% battery life in just 30 minutes how frikken amazing is that especially considering our current electricity dramas in South Africa.Because I spend so much time on my handset using Social Media, I currently am forced to carry my charger and adaptor around with me at all times.With Seth’s fast charge pace this means I will never be offline.After my first full charge , I only needed to recharge in two days after I downloaded apps, took pics , bluetoothed items, uploaded on Instagram and played games (dont judge me I love Candy Crush).
At first I must admit I was kinda put off by the size of Seth , but all that changed as we got to know each other a lil bit better.Like all smart phones,Seth needs a micro-sim I have opted not to get one but rather use my Samsung Tab as a hotspot to connect and use the my beautiful Galaxy Note 4.
Seth is not short of any features there is something for all your needs.One of my favorite things about Seth is the SHealth App now considering I am taking more care of me recently this is perfect as my heart rate can be tested at various parts of the day and there is a pedometer feature to keep me on track.As you can see Seth is very thoughtful of my needs.I have registered my Instagram account ages ago but due to current handset was not able to use it.Seth has made me a lil addicted to IG and I have already posted 100 pictures.As a blogger and a social media influencer having an IG account is very vital so yet again Dankie baie Seth.I love multitasking so at any given time I am always doing atleast 3 different things.The multitasking feature allows me to use one device and not 2 or more to get everything done.From blogging ,tweeting ,taking pics and jogging on the spot Seth has it all covered.The multi window ensures that you can have two windows open and swap between with out having to close one so no need to keep flipping to your music 🙂
The 16MP camera is stunning with great picture quality and added features.You remember that Ellen Selfie that went viral well you can do your own using the 120degree selfie feature no need to squash up.This is defo a plus if you have lots of cousins like me who always take a group pic whenenver we go out.I will defo be using taking Seth along next week when its my future sis inlaws bridal shower sio he can capture precious memories and we wont have to squeeze together for a pic.
The S Pen is rather snazzy on the GalaxyNote4 it can be used for to cut and paste images, write and send text messages.Its rather sexy when you whip it out in a meeting and start making notes.
Having taken Seth to work and introduced him to my colleagues , it seems many of them have a new mancrush.As for mother dearest she is ever so interested in wanting to find out more about Seth in typical mother fashion.
With all these amazing features its kinda hard to imagine life without Seth already.I am starting to become rather smitten with Seth but can you actually blame me.Follow my tweets and those of my fellow bloggers who are all competing by searching for the hashtag #MissionSamsung and the Twitter handle @SamsungSA.PS Seth will be joining me at several events socially for the next few weeks.
Its not hard after a week to fall for Seth , everything is just what I am looking for for……
Be Inspired !

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