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What I pack in my handbag since Covid19

What I pack in my handbag since Covid19


Leaving home and literally grabbing your handbag on the way out ,is indeed a thing of the past.Ever since Covid19 appeared and changed our lives ,I mean everything has changed including the contents of our handbags and the kind of bags we use.And the new buzz word is Face Masks !

I love handbags in all shapes ,sizes and colours and styles and I literally own way too many.I tend to buy a unique handbag whenever I travel.Normally I do prefer the larger bag where I can fill it up with literally everything I might need and then some more from scarves ,bottled water,a book,charging cables,deodrant and the usual suspects.But ever since Covid19  entered our loves last year,I have changed my handbag to a much smaller sling bag that I can wear across my body and one has atleast 3 compartments.The material of my bag is also important as I use a sanitiser to spray my handbag when I get home.Having more than one compartment helps me stay organised and keep things seperate.Besides changing my handbag ,I have also changed my usual wallet to a smaller coin purse which can hold my cards.


1.I leave in my bag a small hand sanitiser and I do not take it out unless it is finished.

2.A pen ,sometimes you need to sign documents it is best to carry your own.

3.A small pack of hand wipes ,as the larger packs are too bulky and tend to dry out.

4.A small pack of tissuses due to space constraints and hygiene

5.A spare mask as a few times the string of my mask has snapped but luckily I had a spare one.Keep your spare mask in a clean clear plastic ziploc bag to protect it and keep it hygienic.I tend to carry a fabric and a disposable mask.Talking about masks check out this range on Superbalist.

6.A small coin purse to hold money and my bank cards.In terms of store cards and loyalty cards ,I only carry what I need.

7.A foldable  reusable shopping bag,I rather fancy the Mybaguse brand for their gorgeous designs and they fact their bags are very strong and compact.

8.A small notebook for my shopping lists so I forget nothing.With the limited shopping trips I need to make a list of what I need.I tend to make lists according to the different stores I need to go too.

9.A bank packet with coins for car guards and parking.With us swiping for almost everything and not carrying cash often we find ourselves without change to use.

10.A small bank packet of hard sweets for the burst of energy.

11. A gadget to open doors and use at the atm instead of using your fingers directly.These are small and compact I was gifted one last year.

Every bag I use now has a set of the above with the exception of my purse with my cards.This does make it easier instead of scrambling to find things before dashing off.Wearing a mask  and using a sanitiser is going to be the new norm and we need to adapt to this way of life.The key message is always been prepared ,organised and keeping yourself safe during these times.Do you keep anything else ? Have I left out anything?

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