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Dehumidifier to the rescue ! Humidity be gone

Dehumidifier to the rescue ! Humidity be gone

The Durban weather over the last few months has been extremely uncomfortable. Since moving back home in 2010 from London, I have been really struggling with trying to cope with the weather. I seem to also find myself now suffering from sinus and allergic to dust mites which leave me with hives. During the warm weather, I cannot live without having my air conditioner and fan on but this also means the electricity bills pile up.And the Dehumidifier entered my life.

At the start of January the team from GMC Aircon asked me to review a Dehumidifier unit. First I said yes and then started to research more about using a Dehumidifier in the home and the importance of having a unit in the home.

What is a Dehumidifier ?

It is a household appliance that reduces the level of humidity in the air usually for health and comfort reasons or to eliminate a musty odour. Humidity is the amount of water vapour present in the air.

What are the benefits of having a Dehumidifier in the home?

1. Reduces humidity and makes your less prone to allergies ,moulds and dust mites.
2. Get rids of musty or rotting smells.
3. Reduces irritation to your skin and respiratory system allowing you to breathe easy.
4. Allows bread and cereals to remain fresher for longer without getting stale.
5. No signs of rust on metal products in the home.
6. Reduces dust in the home.
7. Lowers your energy costs as it helps your aircon run more effectively as the dehumidifier removes the moisture and therefore it cools down quicker.
8. General improvement of overall health.

My Dehumidifier experience :

On receiving my Dehumidifier from GMC Aircon the first the first thing that I noticed was the size and weight of the unit. The unit weighs only 15kg and is easy to carry but there is no need to carry the unit as it has wheels which makes it easier to move around the home or office. Size matters is always a big thing but in this case the unit is powerful and with it been so small in size it is easy to store.
Setting up the Dehumidifier was fairly simple and I followed the instruction booklet which it came with. I have used the unit in my bedroom and in the TV Lounge as that room is in the middle of the house and  we spend a lot of time in the room. So did the Dehumidifier make a difference to my life ?
YES I found that my sinuses are not so congested like before and I am not getting dust mites biting me like before. The air conditioner feels much more cooler as the Dehumidifier is drawing out the humidity in the air thus cutting down on the how long it takes to cool the room.

7 reasons why I love my GMC Dehumidifier ?

1. LCD control panel which is easy to use.
2. The fact that the unit can be moved to various parts of the house easily.
3. It has a purifying air filter.
4. Easy to clean.
5. Easy to set up.
6. 2 year warranty.
7. The easy to carry handle which allows you to move the unit without hurting your back.
So now I am sure you are asking yourself if you really need a Dehumidifier in your home. I found this nifty list online which outlines possible things happening in your home and that a Dehumidifier can lessen or prevent this from happening.
Is this happening in your home?
1. Do you have musty or rotting smells?
2. Are there small black spots growing on the wall or areas in the bathroom?
3. Do you have poor ventilation in rooms that do not have a window like some bathrooms?
4. Condensation on windows?
5. Are there water stains on wall or ceilings in your home ?
If you have answered yes to any of these I would suggest you invest in a  GMC Dehumidifier today.
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