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Ootrey provides fantastic online service

Ootrey provides fantastic online service

I have been wearing glasses now probably for more than 25 years of my life. Over the years I have had some pretty interesting glasses and most of the time my choice of glasses was determined by the factor of money.Last year I had an eye test done and opted to just get new lenses put into my old frame as it was cheaper than getting a new pair. As much as I love my glasses I felt after four years I needed a new look. And then enter the team of Ootrey offering me the opportunity to collaborate with them. I was over the moon as I had seen this local company online and seen them work with local bloggers.

Who are Ootrey ?

Ootrey can best be described as an online optician that offers one services in the comfort of their home at an affordable cost.The company is locally based and does not have a branches all over the country thus making service personal and really efficient.
The word Ootrey is derived from the word outre which means “passing the bounds of what is considered normal and proper , unconventional and bizarre. Such a perfect name for a brand that is breaking boundaries of the traditional process of getting glasses.

5 reasons why I love Ootrey

1. I love the fact that with my crazy lifestyle of balancing work and blog I can order my glasses online without having to go into a store and make an appointment.
2. The cost factor is a huge thing for me as 4 years ago when I got my last pair of glasses it wiped out all my medical aid savings and I still had to pay in an amount. So finding out that all glasses including lenses will only cost me R899 now that is a huge bargain.
3. The selection of frames are pretty cool with unique designs and the fact that each frame has a name rather than a code is pretty cool.
4.The try on home service is such a great way to try on frames in the comfort of your home or office and get your loved ones to help you pick a pair.After spending hours on the site I wanted ALL the glasses so this try on service was perfect for me.
5.The speed and efficiency in service.

How does the Ootrey home try on service work?

After spending ages on the Ootrey website and consulting several friends, I picked the frames I liked the most.Once that was done within two days I was sent my box of frames to try on.I was most impressed with the packaging as glasses are so fragile.Inside the box was also an already written out form for when I had to return the frames saving me time.So when I frames arrived ,I tried each one on and asked my followers on my various social media platforms to help me decide which one to pick.I love the fact that all frames are plastic and there are so many to pick.After trying on all the different pairs I knew that I wanted a new look and something very different to my current pair of glasses.I still could not decide and then threw caution to the wind and decided on Peggy.

Ootrey Online ordering

Before placing an order online,you will  need a valid prescription which is no older than two years.Your script can be uploaded on the system or emailed to the Ootrey team with your full name as a reference.Once this is done it to time to go shopping online for your new pair of glasses.

The online process was easy and simple.And within five days I received my glasses delivered home to me free of charge.I love my new glasses from Ootrey and really enjoyed shopping for my glasses online which saved me both time and money.

The wonderful folks at Ootrey have decided to spoil one of my readers.So one of you can win the following  a pair of prescription single vision lenses and frame from our R899 selection. Alternatively a winner can choose a pair of sunnies (No prescription). 
Now for what you need to do:
1.Share this post and let me you where you have shared it in the comments below.
2.Visit Ootrey online and tell me in the comments which pair you would love to own.
3.This  giveaway is only open to those who reside in  South Africa.
4.The giveaway will run from the 1st March 2018 till 10th March 2018.
5.Good Luck !
I am super excited to share this giveaway with you and a little birdie just told me that there discounts on the Ootrey site for the month of March.
Be Inspired !

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