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Estee Lauder is my Only Foundation

For as long as I can remember my mum has always used Estee Lauder foundation.I recall sitting as a child watching my mum get ready putting on her makeup.
So it was only natural that when the time came for me I would also use this product. Since my face has uneven skin tone I needed a foundation that would cover all blemishes and provide my skin with a brighter, correct and even skin colour. Before leaving to London I got my Double Wear Estee Lauder Foundation in Rich Ginger.I was afraid of not getting the correct colour match in London as I was aware that different counteries have different colour lines.
I also loved this foundation as it is long lasting and does cover all my blemishes and has a great SPF. I came to realise while living in the London that change of seasons affect my foundation colour matches.So my foundation colour changes each season and I need to get the correct colour match.
Since returning to SA my Estee Double Wear colour has changed again and even its name.I refuse to use any other foundation because the long lasting wear I get from this product and always a great finish with my makeup.
What foundation do you use ?

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