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Chateau Gateaux #Review

cakes The word Chateau implies a huge home almost like a place in Europe.While Gateaux brings to mind a rich layered fluffy sponge cake with moorish fillings.So together that would make Chateau Gateaux translated to me The Palace of Cakes and to be honest that it is indeed.

Two weeks ago ,Mum and I headed off to the branch that is based in Cowey Road.It was a small yet very cosy coffee shop with the most beautiful display of cakes and pasteries.There was the option of indoor and outdoor seating.It is clearly evident that Chateau Gateaux is very popular as there was a constant stream of customers coming in to buy Takeaway cakes from their stunning Freezer collection.The whole feel of makes one feel like one is in Europe and I love it !

The brand has been around since 1997.All products are hand crafted by their very talented and skilled team of pastry chefs.There high quality products are made from the finest ingredients and this is clearly evident in how utterly delicious their baked goods are.All of there factory sealed products carry the SANHA emblem and are Halaal certified.The range of Gateaux’s come in 8 and 12 slices catering for your needs.Some of the Gateauxs included are their popular Mozart,Black Forest and Southern Red Velvet.Besides cakes , cheesecakes, pasteries and individual desserts are available.
It took mum and I ages to decided what we wanted as everything looked amazing.Eventually we opted for a slice of Cheesecake and Black Forest Cake to share and Chai to sip on.The portions are very generous in size.The cheesecake was smooth and creamy with a slight sour taste which was not to overpowering.As for the Black Forest wow ,incredibly soft, generous filling and not too sweet.Mum says that the best Chai is from Chateau Gateaux hot,spiced in frothy milk.For two portions of cake and Chai , our bill came to R107.Totally well worth it for the quality.We are already planning which cake to get for my brother’s birthday.
Have you tried Chateau Gateaux ? Which is your favourite cake ?
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