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Spice Emporium is the Hidden Gem of Durban

Spice Emporium is a well know Spice store in Durban which stocks spices, lentils, cookware and a  wide variety of vegetarian products.There are 3 stores located in Durban.
I love shopping in places like this cause there are so many new products and products I used when I lived in London.Its defo a one stop shop.In shops like this its best to always take a trolley , and to walk up and down each aisle examing the products on offer.The foodie within me instantly gets excited in stores like this and my recipe book collection grows .And to top it all off the lil vibrant eatery situated instore is a foodie heaven.
I have always heard about the delights found in this eatery and now I know why everyone raves on about it.The first thing one must know is that it is a pure vegetarian store and that only vegetarian food is served.During my last trip to London I developed a taste for Pani Puri and have been craving it ever since I got back.The decor was so typical of India bright colours , lights and posters.
The menu is not large but it has a variety of dishes which all orginate in Mumbai or Gujerat.Mum left me to order I knew instantly I wanted the Pani Puri and the Bombay Pav Bhaji and then the Bombay Paneer sandwich was also added with Limbu Pani (which I have been told is Nimbu not Limbu).I ordered a mixed plate to take home for gran.All this came to R114 ! The most expensive item on the menu costs R24.The menu is very typical Indian street food that’s is commonly found in India.The food was divine and served so beautifully.Mum and I shared all 3 dishes.Pani Puri craving satisfied for now but I will defo be back to sample the rest of the menu, buy more exotic products and spices . I suggest you check them out.After watching so many Bollywood programes I purchased Jaggery not sure what I am going to do with it though.
The Spice Emporium is found on 31 Monty Naicker Road , Durban and is opened 7 days a week.
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The vibrant colours of India

The vibrant colours of India

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