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Tiger’s Milk is the new kid on the block at Suncoast

Tiger’s Milk is the new kid on the block at Suncoast

The Durban food scene is changing and there seems to be options to suit all tastes and a greater variety to choose from.Suncoast in Durban is home to many of these new eateries.With my crazy life ,I had to turn down the launch event of Tiger’s Milk but finally a few ago got around to trying out this new spot.

Before I go on I must say I am a huge fan of the new Suncoast revamp and it is such a great spot to catch up with friends.As I finish work earlier on a Friday Mum and I headed off to try out Tiger’s Milk,as it was lunch time it was pretty busy so I would suggest you make a booking. The atmosphere is casual with a good vibe and all the staff are incredible.Often the reason people become return customers is because of excellent service.Tiger’s Milk is situated closer to the Globe Theatre at Suncoast so it is advisable to park closer to that end.For me attention to detail is very important and the team here got it spot on from spelling my name correctly to the quirky take away packaging but more about that later.The eatery is rather large and spacious occupying the top and lower floors of the complex.


More about the Tigers’Milk brand :

The brand has stores spread around South Africa and is gaining popularity for several reasons.Their menus cater for Vegans and there are several options for vegetarians too.On a weekly basis TM has specials on their food and cocktails and not forgetting their popular quizz nights.The brand has been described as a destination for “Dude Food” ,well I think Dude Food with a twist.On the menu firm favourites like pizza ,burgers ,steak ,ribs ,wings and tacos appear but do not be fooled by thinking the menu is basic as it is anything but that.

Having read several reviews by my fellow Durban bloggers I was looking forward to eating here.As Mum is a vegetarian I am always checking out menu’s of places we eat at prior to us eating out.I was super impressed with the Tiger’s Milk Menu and was already having a tough choice with what to eat.

On arrival downstairs we were escorted upstairs to our table with a chalkboard sign with my name spelled correctly ! Bonus points I was already liking Tiger’s Milk.I was distracted by the gorgeous well stocked bar that stocked over ten types of Gin including locally made Gin brands.As a Gin drinker I was impressed with the selection and noticed that they also served craft beer on tap with really cool names which is very on brand.

Settling at our table our awesome waitress and the manager Adriel came over to meet and welcome us friendly and attentive staff is always a winner and no before you say it was because I wss a hosted guest  I saw and heard every table around me greeted and looked after in the same manner that was shown to me.Whenever I am eating out hosted or not I tend to ask lots of questions on the menu ,what is popular ,any suggestions.These questions give me a feel for the place and if the staff know the menu.

With the suggestions given by Adriel and our fab waitress we settled on our meal choices and sipped our cocktails.For starters I had the grilled calamari which was beautifully presented and tasty however I do like mine deep fried and crispy.Mum had a very moorish starter called Amazeballs which are literally cheesy balls coated in pastry and fried.

For our mains Mum had the  vegetarian pizza which was so divine and flavoursome.The pizza base was thin and crispy and had a lot of toppings and included pesto and Aubergine.The portion size is huge and two people could share this meal easily.I had a slice of the pizza and instantly knee why I had heard raving reviews about this particular pizza.My mum the vegetarian was very happy and satisfied with her meal.Mum had to take her leftovers home.

The takeaway packaging is quirky yet cheesy at the same time but I love it !

For my main meal I opted for a steak dish as I only eat red meat when I am out and about for health reasons.Never in my life have I ever had a Ribeye steak and that too at 600g ! My meal was presented beautifully for my side option I went for a roasted butternut with feta and the sauce well I went all indulgent and had a truffle sauce which was my first time having a truffle.As expected I did not finish my steak but it was really well prepared.I was honestly saving space for dessert.

For dessert I did a happy dance as I saw some my favourite desserts on the menu ,Cheesecake and Bread & Butter pudding.Mum and I generally share so we each picked and split a Chai Latte to end our meal.Tiger’s Milk makes a divine Chai one of the best I have had in ages not too sweet not too milky and spiced just right.

My ice cream had proper vanilla bean and it complemented the pudding.The crunchy nut topping was such great addition of texture to this dessert.Every bite was comforting and reminded me of childhood food memories.Mum’s cheesecake was baked and had a citrus flavour running through ,a fresh berry coulis added to the flavour and texture not forgetting the delish crumb.

I was hosted for this meal but honestly I would defo go here again the food,service and atmosphere is fantastic.As always my opinions are my own.

Thank you Tiger’s Milk  Suncoast for hosting us.

Booking Information for Tiger’s Milk

Operating Hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 08h00-22h00 (bar closes at 23h00)
Friday – Saturday: 08h00 – 24h30 (bar closes at 02h00)

So yes that means they are open for breakfast !

For Bookings:
Tel: +27 31 940 4276

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