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Holiday Travel Hacks to make travelling easier

Holiday Travel Hacks to make travelling easier

With the festive season fast approaching, many of us will be planning visits to loved ones or holiday destinations locally or internationally. It’s a wonderful time of the year, with opportunities to reconnect with friends and family, and to take a break from travelling for work, meetings back to back teleconferences ,to-do lists and deadlines.But travelling during the festive period can be a nightmare.

 Airports get over-crowded, but that needn’t mean getting caught in the throng.My local airport King Shaka is always buzzing check out my airport guide to help you plan effectively. Shaun Pozyn, Head of Marketing at and British Airways (operated by Comair) offers the following clever holiday travel hacks to make the most of your airport experience:

ps .. Did you know British Airways flys from Durban ? 

With the digital age taking over our lives ,we can use it to help us travel smarter.This includes checking in online,checking traffic reports for delays and even booking an airport transfer.

Take care of business online: In our fast-paced world, most airline customers opt to use their laptops, tablets and smartphones. With pretty much everybody connected 24/7, checking in online is empowering, quick and easy. Most of all, says Pozyn, it lets you share the news that you are on your way to that island getaway with all your friends on Facebook.But also ensure your devices are charged so you can present them when boarding.Carry a powerbank trust me on this one and a USB cable for charging.

Lighten your load: rather than queuing to check-in your luggage, you can use the bag drop facilities, once you’ve already checked yourself in and only have your luggage to be taken care of.If it is possible travel with hand luggage only to prevent waiting for ages to collect bags.Be mindful of the airline weight restrictions for luggage.Having luggage that is tamper proof is also important.I personally swap my handbag for a backpack
when travelling it frees up your hands.

Breeze through security: With boarding-pass in hand on your mobile device, and your luggage dropped off,of all you need to do is get yourself onto the plane and off on your well-deserved holiday. But first you need to get through security. Before getting to the airport, make sure you’re free of any metal that might set off the metal-detector, such as coins  or a massive bunch of keys. Rather, place that in your hand luggage and put it through the scanner. If you’re travelling with a laptop, take it out of its bag ahead of time and move swiftly through security.A couple of other culprits that cause delays are jewellery ,liquids in hand luggage and removing shoes,belts and jackets.Dress comfortable when travelling and be like me and opt for sneakers you slip on super easy to travel with.

Safety first: Remember the regulations on what you can carry in your hand-luggage: it’s not just the bayonet which your grandad brought home from the war and which is now used to cut the cake at any family wedding, like the one you’re flying to. Security staff are also likely to confiscate nail-scissors, multi-tools and even toy weapons. “That floppy rubber sword your little Jack or Jane Sparrow likes to brandish? It might be taken away, much to your pirate’s distrrrrrrress,” warns Pozyn.I have been waiting to board a flight several times and passengers were called to the boarding gate to identify their luggage before it was removed for having objects not allowed to be carried.It is also wise to know what you are allowed to bring into the country or else it will be confiscated.

Give Junior a tablet: And if you’re travelling with youngsters, you’ll be grateful for toys and games that keep them busy. But while Lego and Meccano are excellent for kids’ creativity, the small parts will be tricky to retrieve from the floor of an airline cabin. This may be the one occasion to let the kids play on a smartphone or tablet, for as much as they like.I am not a parent but activity books are also a great idea as well as kiddie headphones so that the lil ones are comfortable.Carry their favourite teddy bear to keep them happy on board.Also make sure the tablet or smart phone is fully charged.

Chew on this: Small children sometimes struggle to equalise the pressure in their ears as the aircraft ascends and descends, so age-appropriate food and drink that encourage swallowing can help. If you’re worried that sugar will make them hyperactive, then cooled rooibos tea and snacks like droëwors will do the trick.Adults also suffer with the air pressure ,so chewing gum is a plan or ear plugs.It is also a good idea to pack a lunch bag of snacks for both the kids and adults.Check out this guide about eating healthy while travelling.

I hope these holiday travel hacks help you on your next flight be it local or long haul.

Safe Travels !

Be Inspired !



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