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The WanderLust Tag

I am mad about travel be it local or international. For this I can thank my parents for passing on this gene Bitten by the #TravelBug.
Hotel Room Southern Sun Elangeni
The lovely Lerato from , a fellow blogger with a passion for Travel and a deep sense of wanderlust tagged me in this fun tag. I loved her responses so I decided to do the Tag.

What is Wanderlust ?


WanderLust Tag :

  1. Most treasured stamp in passport?

” There is a story and adventure behind every stamp of a passport page. BUT for me it would have to me my UK Visa stamp which was the start of my wanderlust. Find out here on how to do this Applying for UK visa.
south african passport

2. Can you recite your passport number my memory ?
” No but note to self I need to learn this. However I do have a copy of my passport scanned saved on email and on my phone. My experience of having my passport stolen has made me wiser, read the story here  What to do when your passport gets stolen.
Day/Night views Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
3. prefered method of Travel : Plane, train or car ?
” Each mode of transports has its perks. Though I love the thrill of getting on an airplane be it domestic or international. I always request a window seat so I can look out at the clouds but also not to be disturbed while I am asleep by passengers wanting to go to the toilet. I love watching movies inflight and I do manage to get a few hours of shut eye.”
Be a local Tourist
4. Top 3 Travel Items :
“Mobile phone for pictures and contact with family and friends.
A powerbank so that my phone and camera always stayed charged.A Red-E Powerbank POWERS me
A soft cotton scarf perfect to jazz up an outfit ,doubles up as a shawl or a sarong ,a headwrap and a pillow. ”
5. Hotel or Hostel
“I have never stayed at a hostel and am not sure I would. I have always stayed at hotels unless camping. I enjoy the pleasure of having my own room and no it does not need to be a 5 star but just a clean room with basic amenities”
Shangri La Hotel Abu Dhabi
6. Are you a repeat visitor or do you enjoy exploring new places ?
” I love exploring new places but I do like to return to places I have been to before. London is one of my favourite cities so I will visit again 10 Things I miss about London. ”
#bondstreetforher Yardley London
7. Do you read up on your destination (culture, history and safety) ?
” YES I do always like to be prepared. I also look up the cost of living so I know what to expect. Besides online research I often pop into a local travel agent and pick up a brochure on my destination”
wanderlust plane
8. Favourite Travel Website
” I do not have a favourite one as I read Tourism ones as well as blogs. Google is my favourite way to find information ,I used to use Expedia alot while I lived abroad but have not done so in awhile.”
Kerala Newspaper
9. Where would you recommend a friend to visit ? Name of city and why ?
” Kerala would be the place I would recommend to anyone wanting to visit India. Kerala is a perfect introduction to India and is so beautiful 10 Reasons why I LOVE KERALA. Besides the beauty and friendly people of Kerala a state where there is over a 90% Literacy rate there is something for everyone from Adventure ,Temples to Arts to Nature.”
Backwaters of Kerala #keralablogexpress
10. You are leaving tomorow ,money is no option. Where are you going?
” Oh tough one as a wanderlust soul I want to go everywhere. I would go to South America as South Africans do not need visas for South America and I could travel literally anywhere.”
As a wanderlust soul ,the thought of travel is always on my mind. I am constantly reading travel blogs ,looking at travel agent brochures and I guess it does leave me much since I am a Travel and Tourism Lecturer.
SpiceGoddess Travels
I am not going to nominate any bloggers to do this Tag but rather open it up to everyone. Please tag me on your posts as I would love to read your responses.
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