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10 Reasons why I LOVE KERALA

Before my trip of a lifetime to Kerala , I knew that visiting this state was defo part of my Travel Bucket List. Having never visited India , I was over the moon that my first encounter would be in beautiful Kerala also known as God’s Own Country and it is no wonder it is included on the Ultimate India list.It is hard not to fall in love with Kerala and become rather captivated by the beauty that is found here I mean just look photo gallery of Kerala.
Backwaters of Kerala #KeralaBlogExpress
My initial ideas of Kerala included History ,voyages of discovery , spices, houseboats and the world-famous Ayurvedic medical treatment. But what I discovered during my 2 weeks literally blew my mind and has me planning on returning again.One can never have enough time in Kerala check out this list of things to do in Kerala. There were so many things I loved about Kerala but below is a list of 10 Things that made me fall in love with God’s Own Country :

1.The Spice Plantations – The foodie in me was so in my element here walking through the spice plantations. It was intriguing to see spices not packaged in a store but growing in their nature environment. Kerala is world-famous for their flavoursome and aromatic spices and it makes sense why Kerala was invaded by so many. My favourite spices from Kerala include cardamom ,Pepper and Mace
2.Smiling, happy people everywhere you look. The people of Kerala are very friendly and helpful. From young children to the old grandparents all waved and smiled at us as we drove throw the towns or sailed the backwaters. Everyone loved having their pictures taken.
3.The Houseboats on the Backwaters are definitely an experience every person should once in their lifetime. The peaceful and beautiful Backwaters create the most serene place for one to literally sit back kick off your shoes and slow down. For the first time in ages I felt at peace and sense of calm wash over me.
4.The food ! Everyday I feed my body with nutritious freshly prepared meals. The variety of dishes were extensive and flavoursome using local produce and spices. Most days my day with start with a crisp Masala Dosa (crispy pancake) filled with spiced potato and a trio of sauces all washed down with fresh watermelon juice (perfect for detoxing) and a piping hot cup of Spiced Chai. Not forgetting the refreshing coconut water perfect for the heat and so good for your health.
5.Arts and Culture is a big part of everyday society in Kerala.There are numerous places of worship were regional festivals are celebrated in much grandeur. Dance and music is also featured as a must see in Kerala with dance forms that are specifically done in Kerala only.
6.Welcomes are literally out of this world in Kerala. Every time we visited a hotel we were greeted by musicians and traditional dancers. Each welcome ceremony was so unique even down to the garlands we received some were made of flowers while others were made of spices. Every welcome made me feel like royalty and a bride on her wedding day.
7.Tea plantations as far as the eye can see. For any tea lover seeing how your favourite brew has been cultivated is mind-blowing. Miles and miles of lush green tea bushes were all around us as we headed up to the mountains.
8.The Hill Stations of Munnar ,Idukki and Wayanand give the traveller a cooler location. It is in these areas where some of the tribes can still be found. Hill Stations are popular destinations for honeymoon couples both locally and internationally.
9.The Western Ghats of Kerala are filled with lush greenery and is home to lots of wildlife.We stayed overnight at the Kalypso Base Camp.The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
10.Beautifully crafted products of the area. From jewellery to bags to art and sarees Kerala has their own distinctive style. Even the designs are typical to the area.
Backwaters of Kerala #keralablogexpress
It is hard not to fall in love with such a beautiful place. I have left a piece of my heart in Kerala and yes someday I will return. Is Kerala somewhere you would travel too ?
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37 thoughts on “10 Reasons why I LOVE KERALA

  1. We went to India last year but only the more Northern part. Kerala looks like a more hospitable landscape for sure. I have such fond memories of the spicy food and hope to return. I know we want to go to Sri Lanka soon and this part of India would work well with that trip. I was a little surprised about the tea plantations. I thought those were pretty much in the north around Darjeeling for example.

  2. I love the idea of the welcomes in Kerala-I can’t imagine how amazing it would feel to walk into a hotel and be greeted like that! I did not know much about Kerala before but now I’m definitely intrigued.

  3. The backwaters and the abundance of wildlife makes Kerela one of the most beautiful states of India. People forget to explore beyond houseboats and ayurveda, but there is so much more to it. Liked the list 🙂

  4. Hello Verushka!
    Thanks to you I learned a new Hindi word today – Kerala 😀
    Glad that you’ve enjoyed your trip, and also crossed this out from your travel bucket list! Tell us more about the spice plantation 😀
    For Urban Women

  5. I’ve never heard of Kerala but it seems it’s because I never set a foot in India! There are so many reasons now I want to go to Kerala : the food and the people are the main reasons I love travelling so on and on, meeting new people and being able to share with them experiences is the core of my movement! x

  6. Your post made me reflect back on why I love Kerala too! From the first vision of endless coconut trees crowded together from the flight window, to the green colors that are sharp that they make you blink, to the backwaters and the simple countryside…there are a million reasons!

  7. I too love Kerala, spent more than 20 years of my life there. And these are indeed my reasons too.
    Yet to stay in a houseboat… can you imagine that!!! I have to go at least once this life time.

  8. I am sad that I never got to Kerala! The food and the people make this city a place to entice me to return! I was only in India for 3 weeks and it appears that I definitely missed some lovely cities.

  9. God’s own country? Which god? (sorry). Since you’re the spice goddess (goddess’s own country?), I’m not surprised that you loved the spice plantations there, as I suppose anyone should, and wonderful that they lead to great food. As a tea-lover, I would love to try that as well.

  10. Kerala sounds like another gem that needs to be visited when in India. I love how welcoming you describe everyone in the town seems to be. Besides visiting the tea plantations in the area and sampling local tea, I would also very much wandering around the Western Ghats and discovering this UNESCO world heritage site.

  11. I have never been to Keralal but I have seen enough of its flavours sittin gin Kolkata to fall in love with it. I love its dosas especially masala and paper dosa. Not to forget the idli and sambhar. Although not my very favourite but curd rice is great too. The backwaters are ideal places to hang around with my camera and of course the spice plantations are a must visit.

  12. We have been to Kerala and can’t agree more on this that it is certainly God’s Own Country. We have been to spice plantations and were amazed to see how our favorite spices are grown. The happy people and the ride on the houseboat of backwaters are definitely must do.

  13. I am missing pictures of all these amazing places (and things)! Specially the food. I love trying new and local things, and I would like to know what you consider the best from there. And I’ve never heard about Hill Stations, after googling them I must say that they are quite amazing!

  14. Oh I just love Kerala. I have spent three beautiful years in Kerala and a major part of my life. I am still a fan of the place. I would really like to visit it soon. All the mentioned pointers are just so true.

  15. Lovely post and great tips and the pictures you got are looking awesome…gotta share more of those, I’d love to see more of that city =) Seems like a place I should put up high on my bucket list^^ Thank you =)

  16. I used to have a friend from Kerala and I remember him telling me how beautiful his home county was. I would love to visit spice plantations and tea plantations. The foodie in me would also love to try the Dosa with spicy potato filling, as long as it’s not that spicy. 🙂

  17. You know, I had to google search Kerala after reading this post. I was fortunate enough to visit India early this year but now I feel like I’ve missed out and I need to experience Kerala as well!

  18. Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India. You are absolutely right about every reason for loving Kerala. I have a special affinity for the food there. And of course some of my best friends are from Kerala, which says a lot about the people there

  19. Verushka, I totally fell in love with Kerala. I visited Palakkad two years ago and everything was perfect about it. People are so friendly and the food is also amazing. I regret that I didn’t try the Houseboats and didn’t go to the rain forest. But I really want to come back.

  20. I can so much relate to this list. Absolutely true.greenery ,backwaters and beautiful Beaches along with culture and tradition is really amazing

  21. Kerala has been trending these days amongst tourists to India. It is indeed worth all the hype. The food is good and the people are extremely hospitable. It is a more silent part of India. I can see why you love this state so much :).. Well written!

  22. The foodie side of me wants to immediately hop on a plane a visit Kerala! I also love those houseboats which looks like a real authentic experience!

  23. Kerala has been on my bucket list for awhile. It just looks so beautiful and peaceful. And doing one of those boats sounds so luxurious.

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    I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.
    Thanks for great info I was looking for this information for my mission.

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