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5 Things you MUST EAT & DRINK in Kerala

Food Glorious Food ! One of the things one always remembers is the food.Food is very important in every culture in every part of the world.
During my two weeks in Kerala during the #KeralaBlogExpress I was in total Foodie heaven. I knew before going that I would be eating some pretty amazing food. But I was not prepared for the bursts of flavour that I experienced during my time in Kerala.
Food from Kerala
Every meal time included a variety of traditionally prepared dishes each with their own distinctive tastes and spices. It is no surprise that Kerala is world-renowned for their spices.Meals generally consisted of a variety of locally grown vegetarian dishes and fish ,chicken and beef. All food is cooked in coconut oil and often have additions of fresh coconut or coconut milk.
Although I come from an Indian background and have curried meals often all the dishes I ate never tasted like what I was used too. Did I enjoy the change ? Totally and that is clearly evident in all my Food pics on Instagram.
So here goes my list of 5 things you must eat/drink in Kerala :
1.Masala Dosa – Literally every morning I had this yummy dish for breakfast though it can be eaten for any meal. Each hotel has their own unique way of presenting this dish. Masala Dosa is a crepe like savoury pancake filled with a soft slighty spicy Potato filled served with a trio of sauces which include tomato , green ( made from coriander and mint) and coconut. This dish is filling but not heavy as a breakfast option best served with lots of Hot Masala Chai.
Masala Dosa
2) Street Coffee – After watching loads of Bollywood movies and Travel shows I knew I needed to try out proper authentic Street Masala Chai. There is such an art to making this on the streets. Normally I would be very sceptical about buying something to eat or drink from a street vendor but this was one thing I really needed to try. It was my fellow Travel Blogger Nidhi Thakur from India who enlightened me about the fact that Kerala was well-known for their famous street coffee so now more the reason to try it. As it is always so hot I opted to try this coffee early one morning on the streets of Thekkady which was slightly cooler. Another blogger buddy Raul from Mexico joined me for this coffee and a morning stroll. The coffee was so tasty ,creamy,aromatic and sweet. And on the top was a layer of bubbles. At 15rupess for two coffees it was so cheap. Coffee and tea stand can be found all over Kerala. And yes later on that day I found out that coffee beans are grown in Kerala too.
Coffee on the streets of Thekkady
3) Karimeen Pollichatu – Right from the outset let me tell you that I am a fussy fish eater. Fish with bones are a no no to me. I prefer the skinless , boneless and fillet varieties. Shhh don’t tell my grandmother but I now love eating fish after my Kerala adventure. Meen Pollichatu is a fish dish which is roasted in a banana leaf. A fillet of fish is used combined with spices , tomato and tamarind. The banana leaves give off a distinct and lovely aroma that add to the taste of the fish.
Keralan Meen Pollichatu
4) Toddy – As a keen foodie watching food and travel shows are my secret addiction. Having watched Rick Stein’s Indian Adventure where he spent time in Kerala it was a certainty that I would drink some Toddy. Toddy is a local drink made from the Palm Tree. A sap is gathered by a term called Tapping. It does not have a long shelf life. Toddy is said to contain 6/8% alcohol. My first impressions of this drink which is drunk neat with no additions looks like coconut milk has a slight yeast flavour but I could not drink more than a shooter size glass. There are Toddy Shops where locals go to drink this brew.

(image taken from Wikipedia)
(image taken from Wikipedia)

5) Kerala Beef Fry – This dish does not look very attractive but boy oh boy does it pack a punch of flavours. The beef is marinated in a mix of spices and allowed to slow cook before slices of fresh coconut are added to the cooked meat. The coconut gives a great crunchy texture and earthy flavour to the spiced Beef. This dish is almost like a stir fry and can be also described as a dry curry.
(image taken from www.asianetindia.com)
(image taken from www.asianetindia.com)

Coming back home I brought back a number of spices from Kerala. In the next few weeks I hope to recreate some of these amazing dishes that I feasted on for two weeks during the #KeralaBlogExpress.
Have you eaten anything from somewhere in the world and found that it always reminds you of that place and memory ?
Be Inspired !
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9 thoughts on “5 Things you MUST EAT & DRINK in Kerala

  1. We also love the food we have eaten in India. Our time there was in Varanasi and Jaipur and the food was fabulous. While we are not drinkers, we do like to try a country’s local drink. The Toddy sounds interesting. We have had several drinks from the tapping of palm trees in different countries.

  2. Karimeen Pollichatu …. please somebody give me this!!!
    All these are so tempting! Bangalore has some good Kerala cuisine restaurant but I am never satisfied by their taste.

  3. Indian foods are quite similar with Philippine foods, that uses coconut milk and curry. Only difference is the way of cooking.. and oopps more spices!

  4. You know I never really was fond of Indian food, because it always ends up being quite heave, but that stir fry just made me super hungry…looks absolutly delicious! Great Tips on what to try^^

  5. I adore when you’re talking about dishes I’ve never heard of, but the fact is we’re learning so much about culture through the food, and through the cultural habits of people. I love food and I’m always tasting new things either in France or in Israel for most. I could drink and eat all of those!

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