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50 Shades of Me … well not exactly

I only realised the other day while having an online chat with one of my #KeralaBlogExpress friends Andrea, just how interesting I really am.
#KeralaBlogExpress Friends
Yes,I see you rolling your eyes thinking out aloud “oh please !” Let me explain further this conversation with Andrea.
Conversations with Andrea
Having travelled to various parts of the world ,the locals and fellow travellers are always curious to find out morw about you and where you come from. I recall in my very London days been asked if I had a Lion as a pet ! I was rather annoyed at first but later changed it into a joke saying yes actually I have two who sleep at the base of my treehouse. During my two weeks in Kerala the most common question I got asked was if I was from Kerala and before I could even answer they would enter into a full-blown conversation with me in a language I did not understand. I politely had to tell them “Sorry I do not understand.” I had to them explain that I was from South Africa and not India.
South Africa but you look Indian! is one of the most common replies I get. And then things became more confusing when I told them my name is Verushka. So I decided at the official press conference of #KeralaBlogExpress to tell the world who exactly I am.
SpiceGoddess South African Blogger
I am, Verushka Ramasami , a South African of Indian Origin. I am 5th generation in my family who are Telegu in culture and dialect. Our forefathers arrived in South Africa in 1820 as labourers seeking a better life for their families. The British brought these labourers here to work on the sugarcane fields. We can not trace back our roots to India but we know that our ancestors hail from the South of India and from the State of Andhra Pradesh.
But your name is not Indian ?
YES it is not but of Russian in origin. How did I end up with a Russian name is what follows next?
Well my parents opted for something rather unusual from Tradition. When I was born ,my parents decided to give me a Godmother (basically a guardian who would look after me should anything happen to them. This honour was bestowed to their very close friend who was married to an Austrian. On my Godmother’s suggestion the name Verushka ,a name of a famous Russian Ballerina was given to me.
Now for my “accent” I don’t think I have one but many people say I do. I have lived in London for 9 years so hence I have picked up a tad bit of accent combined with my South African accent. I do not speak any Indian languages as my entire family and extended family all speak English. However I do speak Afrikaans which is my second language with English being my first. In South Africa we have 11 official languages including the two I speak,read and write in.
Springbok Rugby Jersey & a Bindi
I am a Proud South African, who loves my Indian culture and roots. Often I can be seen wearing Traditional Indian clothing and observing Hindu rituals. But in the same breath I love wearing my Springbok Rugby jersey and supporting my country in all sporting arenas.
Thank you Andrea for prompting me to tell my story after you shared yours. You can check out Andrea’s blog here www.adventurous-journeys.com
So in a nutshell there is more to me than meets the eye. Ask me about me and you might be surprised to learn a few more interesting facts about this Russian named Indian looking South African. Have you ever been asked any interesting questions on your name or where you come from ?
Be Inspired !
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12 thoughts on “50 Shades of Me … well not exactly

  1. You are really cool Verushka! Yeah travel makes us a kind of different. In my case, I’m a Filipino, who has an English name, looks like not Asian, but speaks with half English/Singaporean accent. LOL. Its crazy!

  2. Hey Verushka
    I always somehow felt that you were so connected to India for some reason. But it’s good to know the full Story and trust me it damn interesting. Haha.

  3. Wow! I have read so much of your blog now and I would have never guessed you were form South Africa! Goes to show that one should really be cautious when making assumptions. Do you speak any Telegu at all? I lived in Hyderabad for 6 months but failed to pick up any.
    One comment on your statement about believing you do not have an accent: I think that an accent is inherit in language. You might not have a super strong / thick South African accent, but you still have an accent, no matter what you sound like. I have a pretty neutral accent from America. I certainly do not sound like I am from the American South (but I am). But all people have an accent, it is just a matter of what accent it is. I for one love the South African accent… so don’t hide it if you’ve got it! 🙂

    1. haha most people make the same mistake. Am so glad Andrea made me write this post. Very few words of Telegu but more Hindi due to Bollywood.
      On accents then maybe my 9 year stint in London means I too have a Brit /Saffa accent.

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