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I have seen the lovely Tasneem from do this post. Its a great way to let your readers catch up with what’s been going on in your world. So here’s my take on Tasneem’s post :

At the moment… Doing what I do best that’s multitasking writing this post, with the TV on in the background and my cup of Vanilla Tea on the side. Durban is actually experiencing a bout of Winter. Ok I know I am strange but I prefer Winter over Summer – I guess its got to do with me living in London for so long.

Yesterday… I finished work early so that meant I had time to play with my new toy, the NX300 Smart Camera which I am using in the #MissionSamsung challenge. Also it gave me a chance to go hunting for Masks for my Uncle’s surprise 50th Birthday and yes I found some pretty rad ones.

I’m looking forward to… 27 June when I go on holiday from my real job. This means I get to spend more time blogging and working on all my other exciting projects. I get to read a few more books off my reading list so YES bring on the holidays.

These days… I find myself spending less time on Twitter due to real job constraints. Often I feel I have missed out on so much.

I believe… You are a blessing from GOD so hence it is your duty to go out there and be blessings to others.

I’m convinced… In my past life I was British Royalty 🙂 hence my with all things British and my love affair with London.

I hate…when its raining and I have to go out. I love rainy days so I can stay indoors.

My greatest investment… would have to be my 1TB external hard drive. Perfect storage for all my favourite movies, series, music and pics.

I know… In the end it will all be ok and if its not ok its not the end.(The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)

I can’t live without… Phone yes yes that’s my digital addiction. My phone is literally my office and secretary. From emails, contacts details, Twitter and blogging my phone is an integral part of me. I love how I am instantly in touch with the world, can capture moments, relive moments through music and follow local and international trends.

What have you been up to lately ? Share?

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