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my go to guy……

my go to guy……

We all have a go to guy/girl who knows everything. In my case, my go-to guy is my ever-faithful GOOGLE. I often think how lost i would be without this amazing go to guy. There is rarely a day that doesnt go by without me consulting my go to guy.In our BC(before computer) days one had to use Encyclopedias and spend ages in public libraries finding information that was already outdated. Nowdays at the quick type in of a word or a sentence once can instantly access a million options of information on the specified word this also includes images and maps. I recall a rather funny incident abut 4 years ago in London when i was apart of a recruitment panel for a new person in our department. We went the usual routes of job ads in the newspapers, internet ad, and recruitment agencies. After viewing several candidates both on paper and in person none were suitable.

Then by pure chance a CV landed on my table from an agency with only client name no personal details Voila at last someone who looked suitable on paper, a quick call resulted in agency saying the person hadnt met with them yet and they couldnt forward details to us . Thats when clever me decided to Google the guy found his current employer then consulted the team and made a call to him.The guy was rather surprised how i found him but never the less an appointment was set up.

Within the next few days I became a detective called around found out information about our candidate and was prepared for when he met us. It seems these days more companies are trolling the internet for information on potential staff. I personally have used Google for so many different searches and yes have even Googled guys I have met. SO i would be truly lost without my ever faithful guy GOOGLE and like a friend said yesterday Google has now become a verb. Ciao for now my fellow digital lovers ……ps I wonder how many people after reading this will go Google me or someone else 😉

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