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Inspiration Talks with the SpiceGoddess

Every now and again we all  need some inspiration. Inspiration can come in various forms and often when we least expect it. I found this great set of Questions on The Blog Tag. Head over to for more details.
I have picked a selection of questions :
Inspire - The Blog Tag

SpiceGoddess Thoughts on Inspiration

1. Best advice  : 
Over time I have been given so many pearls of wisdom that it is kind of hard to just pick the best. Every piece has come with a learning lesson that was appropriate for that part of my life. My most favourite would be my late Dad’s advice “Take a chance” and indeed I have with so many things in my life. Some have worked out others have been lessons.
2. Who inspires me ?  
Another tough one to pick just one person. I am inspired by a bevy of amazing women ,who are a part of my tribe whom my life journey has crossed paths with. Some I have met ,some are related to me and some I have not met in reality yet. Each of this phenomenal women inspire me each day to be better ,to do more and to never give up.
Inspiration in my life
3. How do I deal with a bad day ?
So ironic as I had one yesterday ! I speak to my tribe of cheerleaders and they calm me down. A long shower also helps,  I am a Fire sign so water calms me always. And last but not least a cup of tea in my favourite cup makes everything right in my world.
4. Where do I go for Motivation to ?
I love watching TEDx Talks and find them so motivating and inspiring. This is where I find my motivation from as well as my Mum who is my biggest cheerleader.
5. Biggest Achievement :
That would have to be my beautiful SpiceGoddess blog. My blog has given me so much in terms of opportunities and experiences. I sometimes step back and I am WOW’ed by how my lil blog has grown and turned into a brand on its own.
SpiceGoddess Logo
6.  Favourite Pick me up song 
That would have to be Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia. This track was on the Pitch Perfect soundtrack and I instantly fell in love with it. My ringtone is also the same song and often I can be found doing shower karaoke to this song. I love the powerful words of this song.
7. Favourite quote 
This would be this quote here :
SpiceGoddess #LifeLately
8. Listen to motivational talks :
YES on TEDx but I also read when time permits.
9. When Life gives you lemons …….
Depending on my mood my fill in the blanks would be :
a) Bring on the Tequila.
b) Lets make sweet and sour lemon pickle.
10. Life Motto
This would be #Live2Inspire which I have inked on my arm.
Ink Work -#Live2Inspire

Quick Fire :

  1. Talk with a friend !
  2.  Listen to music .
  3. Love cooking so would cook and then eat.
  4. Writing …this Mistress of words loves writing.
  5.  Sea Vacation is for me love cruise ships also the fact I can have a Digital Detox. And let us not forget that water calms this fire sign.

Inspiration occurs everyday around and often we do not see it. What is your favourite Inspirational Quote ?
Be Inspired !
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