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And these are the days of my Life Lately….

The last week has been a pretty crazy week for me and not a week where I was actually productive. A strange week with scary moments but I guess sometimes the Universe wants us to just Slow Down.
Life Lately - SpiceGoddess

Every so often I like to do this kinda of post to let you know about my Life Lately:

At the moment …..
“It is Sunday morning but my body clock refuses to let me sleep. I have been up since 5am. After a morning catch up call with a Blogging friend , I have decided to get productive and work on some blogs for the week. BUT first some tea in my favourite mug…. such bliss. ”
Yesterday ….
” I spent the day doing very little. But there is good reason why. Last week I discovered I had an abscess in my eye only after a visit to the Doctor. By Wednesday there was no improvement and I was sent to see an Eye Surgeon who booked me into hospital for the next day to have surgery. Pretty scary as the last time I was a patient in hospital I was 5 years old having my tonsils removed. Surgery was successful am in healing mode now using a ton of drops at different times of the day. So you see me not doing much has a valid reason.”
Looking Forward…
“A hotel chain has invited me to spend the weekend at one of their hotels in the city. I love Hotel Living and as I have never stayed here so I am keen to experience this hotel. Not to mention the fact that the hotel has eleven restaurants ,bars and grills to keep this foodie satisfied. I recently wrote a post so that is exactly what I am going to do. Make sure you are following me on Instagram to find out what I get up too.”
These days ..
“I find myself becoming more and more wanderlust and wanting to travel the world who knows where my next adventure will take me. Also I find I am becoming a bit more cautious of people and the world around me which is not a bad thing. I am learning to Let Go of situations which are beyond my control and rather focus on things I can change.”
I believe….

  1. Love does exist.
  2. Law of Karma
  3. Serendipity
  4. Kismet

” Sometimes we need to just leave it all to the Universe to fix. I have decided to continue doing what I do ,follow my passion and #Live2Inspire. This means ignoring all the unneccessary potholes along the way”
I am convinced …..
” Things will eventually work themselves out. Never giving up on my dreams means that someday I will be living the life I want as a Digital Nomad. We each have our own passions and strengths that we can harness to create the future we want ,so be unique ,be original and just be you !”
What has been going on in your Life Lately ?
Be Inspired !
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