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#MissionSamsung SHOT OF THE DAY 5

My challenge today was to use the Light Trace feature and capture moving light.
Last night I went for to pick up my brother from work with mum and tried this featured. My instant reaction was no these are so bad. And I then deleted them only to find out it was correct.
So my task this evening was to capture this moment. I decided to stroll up my driveaway and take some pics of the cars moving around my neighbourhood. I was pretty amazed at the pretty colours that these lights left.
My SHOT OF THE DAY taken on my @SamsungSA NX300 is called “Bright Lights In the City”
Have an amazing weekend lovelies.I have just recieved my #MissionSamsung email for next week’s challenge and already I am plotting and planning my “Photoshoots” ahhh the life of a photographer.

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