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2020 a year to never forget…

2020 a year to never forget…

2020 a year that pushed us,broke us ,made us cry BUT year we learnt so much not only about ourselves but the world and that we will now lead a new way of life.

Who would have ever imagined that everytime we leave our homes we would need to wear a mask and we would be living in a lockdown state since March.At times it feels like we are living in a movie.Since lockdown started my life has changed so dramatically and I am definately not the person I was last year this time.My life now includes :

1.Staying home unless I have to go to work.

2.I have probably gone food shopping like 5 times as my brother does my shopping.

3.A haircut once in 10 months.

4.Homecooked meals no eating out.

5.Watching Netflix and Amazon Prime instead of going to the movies.

6.Video calls instead physically seeing my friends and family.

7.Coffee at home instead of coffee and cake dates.

8.Watching travel shows instead of travelling.

9.Catching sunsets instead of flights.

10.Using technology for more than just social media.

So much as changed but still I am grateful fo so much that this year has given me and taught me.A few years ago I came across a fantastic recap post by fellow blogger Nafisa and for the few years I have been doing this recap.If you have not read the others check them here :

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2020 The year that changed all our lives ….

1.What did you do in 2020  that you never did before?

I stayed home for 10 months without travelling.This time was much needed for me to rest and focus on my health and blog.I used the time to start my Food IG account to inspire others to cook as I found myself at home with the time to cook.

2.Did you keep your New Years Resolutions and will you keep new ones for 2021 ?

I generally set my self goals and this year I mananged to keep some of my goals.Going into 2021 I just want to be a better human in all aspects of my life and to the world.

3.Did anyone close to you die ?

At the start of Covid19 we as a family lost my beloved Uncle and Aunt.Their passing has left our lives with such a void that everyday we are reminded of them.The hardest part of a family was not have the privilage to mourn our beloveds and to grieve together as a family.

2020 has brought so much loss in our family,friends and community that each day we break a bit more.

4.What countries did you visit ?

I was fortunate to visit Mauritius for Maha Shivarathri two weeks before the National Lockdown happened.All other travels plans have been put on hold until when it is safe to travel again.But in the mean time I will continue watching Travel movies to fuel my wanderlust.

I did travel with Ford South Africa on an epic road trip for the Ford Ranger Campaign which took us into some amazing places in South Africa.

5.What would you like to have in 2021 that you lacked in 2020?

My family and friends as 2020 kept us away from each other.The last time I saw my entire family was in February at a family Raam Bhajan arranged my beloved Uncle who is no longer with us.

6.What date in 2020 will remain etched in your memory and why ?

The 27th March 2020 , the day life changed forever in South Africa as we went into Lockdown due to Covid19.What started of as a 21day lockdown has now continued with no end in sight.

7.What was your biggest achievement?

In terms of the blog I started a new Instagram Food account and my Facebook page has reached 25k followers.I actually started baking first banana bread then Mielie cake.

8.What was your biggest failure ?

Was not creating enough memories before lockdown and capturing those moments.So when it is safe I plan on capturing everything.

9.Did you suffer any illness or injury?

No but mentally I am exhausted :/

10.What was the best thing you bought?

A smart TV and finally got my Fibre installed 🙂 So this made staying a lockdown a tad bit easier as we were entertained and no more data is finished dramas.

11.Where did most of your money go in 2020?

Spending on Technology to keep me connected to the world.Technology has been a life line in keeping me connected with my family and friends.A new phone and smart TV ,I did want an aircon but with the second wave of Covid it put that on hold.

12.What song will remind you of 2020?

A song that got the world dancing and put South Africa on everyone’s playlist Jerusalema by MasterKG.

Everyone around the globe did their version of this track and it was beautiful.But what got me was the words of this which kinda made me emotional and will always be a constant reminder of 2020.

13.What do you wish you had done more of ?

Wrote more ! I feel that in 2020 I kinda left the blog to just live but next year more posts for sure.

14.What do you wish you had done less of ?

Worrying and stressing about things that were beyond my control.

15. What was your favourite TV programme?

I finally signed up to Netflix and Amazon Prime now that my wifi is unlimited .I have watched some pretty cool shows which include :

1.Queen’s Gambit

2.Turn up Charlie

3.Man like Mobeen

4.Bollywood Wives

5.Four more shots please

16.What was the best book you read this year?

Honestly I was not motivated to read much this year I read a few books but nothing that caught my attention.

17.What was your favourite movie of the year ?

Since getting Amazon Prime I am watching loads more Bollywood movies not only in Hindi but Tamil,Telegu and Marathi.

18. What did you do for your birthday ?

My birthday was in Stage 5 lockdown so I was home.Had several video calls and calls and was surprised by my cousin with a Chocolate cake which is my favourite cake ever.Mum and I had a tea party on our balcony.

19.What kept you sane?

Creating content ,prayer and my mum.

20.Who do you miss ?

Everyone !

21.Who was the best new person you met ?

Due to lockdown I did not get the opportunity to meet anyone new or go on dates.However I connected with so many amazing souls on my social media platforms and that has been so exciting.

22.Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2020?

2020 Taught me so much :

1.Pray more.

2.Take nothing for granted.

3.Be a better human.

4.Be connected.

5.Rest !

6.Say YES !

7.Learn to do things differently.

8.Live in gratitude.

Dearest 2020

Boy oh boy did you come in like a wrecking ball and changed everything not only for me but for everyone.Thank you for your lessons and blessings which I will carry into 2021.

Dearest 2021

You are almost here.Like the teenager entering adulthood I hope you will be better behave than the year gone by.I hope you bring with you good health,prosperity and happiness for all humans.

I look forward to a year of new lessons and blessings and hopefully love along the way.

Much love as always

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