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10 Things to change in 2021

10 Things to change in 2021

2021 …. 21 days in …. a ball of stress …. I defo need to change some things and 2020 has given me so many lessons and guidance on how to do just that.At the start of every New Year ,most people set their intentions but within a few days or weeks into the year they are broken and forgotten.I too once upon a time was that person but it was a few years ago I decided to use the word goals and to be kinder on myself and oddly enough I got more done than in previous years.

Before I go on I decided that picking a word to carry me through this year and make it apart of my life every single day.

GratitudeĀ is my word for this year ,I want to live in gratitude and be constantly be thankful for every lesson and blessing that life has afforded me.You see 2020 was such a year of steep learning ,sadness and joy that it has been the word that I want to be apart of my vocab on a daily basis.So with all that 2020 I have decided to share with you things I have started to change in 2021 and make it stay.

10 Things to change in 2021

1.Let Go – a very difficult thing to do but one that is so neccessary.So what should one let go off?

* Toxic people and situations these are soul draining ! And no one needs this in their lives.Toxic people are the ones who make everything about them,talk down to you ,bully you and most of all hurt you.

*Bad eating habits is something most of us increased doing last year.So change is needed to eat better.

*The past unless we do we can never move forward.

*Negative thoughts we need to become positive.

2.Attitude to money needs to be one of saving,budgeting and one of sharing with those less fortunate.During lockdown I have been donating to feeding schemes.

*Live a life of memories and not material things.

*A few years ago I wrote a post on how to budget and save money go have a read here.

3. Live a life of sustainabilty.What does this really mean?

*Eat more vegetables cut down red meat consumption.

*Recycle !

*Repurpose meals nothing goes to waste.

*Buy locally sourced products.

*Be mindful of using water and electricity.

*Not to buy more than I need.

*Freeze leftovers.

4.Communication with loved ones make time to call and message friends and family.

Technology has become the way we communicate with loved ones !

*Video calls !

*Zoom video calls.

*Send loved ones surprise deliveries.

*Family or friend group chats.

*Be part of online communities like groups where people have common interests I for one love my Twitter community who interact with my content and keep me sane.Are you following me on Twitter ? if not go over here.

5.Routines change your old routine :

*wake up earlier.

*drink more water.

*get enough sleep.

*take a digital detox every evening so important for your mental health.

*do not reach for your phone first thing in the morning.


This is something as I have become older ,I am becoming more focused on.During these days of Covid19 ,my faith and my prayer have been constant lifelines in helping me cope with loss.

*Each morning and night I say a lil prayer before sleeping and waking.

*I listen to spiritual discourses by Sadhguru.

*I listen to Hindu Spiritual songs.

*I fast and observe all Hindu prayers.


7.Stop been so hard on yourself !

With us South Africans been in Lockdown for over 300 days it has been rather difficult for many people on so many different levels from finance to emotionally.Our old way of life no longer exists as we do not see our family or friends and funerals are watched online.Watching a funeral online is heartbreaking and it hurts not been able to grieve as a family or community.So you are allowed to have off days !

* It is okay to not be OKAY !

*It is okay to feel sad !

*It is okay to have a good cry !

*It is ok to eat junk food !

8.Self care a word we keep seeing everywhere but what does it really mean.

Self care is more than just pampering and going shopping.For me self care means :

*A digital detox.

*Removing toxic people from my life.

*Eating healthy and taking my vitamins.

*Not getting involved in dramas.


*Enjoying a coffee or tea in silence.

*Watching a sunset or sunrise.

*Not wasting money on things I do not need.

9.Be selective of what you watch.

When I first got Netflix and Amazon Prime I would aimlessly just watch and scroll through and a lot of time was wasted doing this.So now instead I add shows and movies to my list and use that to select what I watch.

* Limit the time you spend watching online.I tend to only watch something in the evening.

*Watch a variety of series ,movies and documentaries.

*Always check the “more like this ” option to add to your list.

*Watch a foreign movies and series with subtitles as this forces you to pay attention.

*Watch feel good series and movies they will defo improve your mood.


10. See the positives in each situation.

I firmly believe everything in life is either a lesson or a blessing regardless of the situation.

*Look for the silver lining in every negative.

*Change all the cants to can!

*Look for something to be grateful for.

* Be kinder than you feel.

*Spread love and happiness rather than hate.

Dearest 2021

Welcome šŸ™‚ 21 hey feels like you are finally an adult and legal to do so much.Last year was a learning and resetting back to factory setting.And armed with all this I am ready to tackle 2021 and work on me.

I have many goals ,wishes and dreams for 2021 and beyond BUT I will be working on them in silence and sticking more than ever in my line.Work hard and in silence is something more than ever a mantra I will be repeating daily

I wish you and your loved ones a blessed and healthy 2021.May happiness and love always be in your homes.

Be Inspired !



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