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Lenovo ThinkBook 13s Review

Lenovo ThinkBook 13s Review

Lenovo has been a brand that I have been using since 2014 and is currently the device I work in.The brand has always been a game changer in the market even with a multitude of options available.My current device is the Lenovo Yoga Laptop with a touch screen.Even though my device is a few years old it is still sleek and works well.

So when the team from Lenovo asked if I would be keen to review one of their devices I said yes as I wanted to see what the major differences where.The device I was sent was the Lenovo ThinkBook 13s for two weeks on loan.

At first I was a tad bit sceptical about using the device as I am so use creature of comfort.I unboxed the device charged it took roughly 3 hours for a full charge because I used it to read some documents.It was fairly easy to setup in the sense that I just needed to adjust the brightness and font size before using it.I am so used to using my phone and current laptop with a touch screen that I found myself touching the screen out of pure habit until I realised that this device is not touch screen.

In terms of design the Lenovo ThinkBook 13s is clearly designed for business and is very sturdy and strong with no fancy smancy details.With a splash proof keyboard and a finger scanner this makes these features rather nifty.Size wise it is a bit more thicker than my Lenovo which interms of travelling with makes it a rather sturdy laptop.

Battery life is something that is always an issuse  and with our loadshedding dramas here in South Africa having a laptop battery that last for 8 to 9 hours is pretty decent.The picture and sound quality is clear and loud especially for streaming from Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Verdict : A rather nifty device ! Good value for money as this would last you a good few years.This reminded me why I enjoy using this brand and when it comes to an upgrade Lenovo will be in the Top 3 without a doubt.

Now for the more info on the Lenovo ThinkBook 13s :

In South Africa, ThinkBook laptops are available in 13, 14 and 15-inch variants. The flagship ThinkBook 14 and ThinkBook 15 devices are powered by Windows 10 Pro and up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processing, combining high performance with intuitive, time-saving features. Options include Intel® Optane™ memory, WiFi 6, and discrete graphics.

 The ThinkBook 15 comes at just 18.9mm thin, while the ThinkBook 14 is a mere 17.9mm – each easy to slip into a backpack, briefcase or under one’s arm. With FHD displays and two Dolby Audio™ speakers, users have full visibility and clarity when working. Dual-array, Skype certified microphones make conference calling easier than ever before and a USB 3.1 (Gen2, Type-C) port ensures large data transfers and heavy media files are managed with speed.

 Designed for ultimate portability, Lenovo has also introduced the ThinkBook S series, including the elegant 13.3-inch ThinkBook 13s. The sleek and light device is constructed of a metallic finish on an all-aluminium chassis, alongside a narrow bezel display. As with the ThinkBook 14 and 15, the ThinkBook 13s also features advanced Intel® processing and an FHD display. Dolby Vision™ and Harman speakers with Dolby Audio™ ensure users remain engaged and immersed in their content.

 ThinkBook laptops are ideal for business buyers unwilling to make trade-offs in essentials such as, security, reliability, and support services, while satisfying the demand for sleek-looking devices that bring the familiar smartphone experience to PCs.

 Perfect for any business, they combine modern style and consumer-oriented design elements, with the business-grade and built-in security features that consumers expect from the Think family PCs.

 Stylish and More Secure

ThinkBook laptops have a premium feel, can lay flat at 180°, and feature ultra-narrow bezels to pack a larger display into a small portable package. Wrapped in aluminium and magnesium metals in a Mineral Grey finish, each laptop is light-weight and has a slim body for use at the office, from home or on-the-go.

 ThinkBook ultra-slim laptops incorporate business features not often included in their pricier alternatives. All laptops are available with single-step authentication and power-on with the touch fingerprint reader, in addition to a physical ThinkShutter™ camera cover for privacy control.

 In addition, each ThinkBook undergoes durability and reliability tests to ensure it can withstand knocks, drops, spills, dusts, and extreme temperatures.

 Rapid Response

With Intel® Optane™ memory or a solid-state drive on the ThinkBook 14 and 15, everything runs far faster – from booting up apps to saving and downloading files. All ThinkBook laptops come with the option of an integrated fingerprint reader on the Smart Power Button to enable instant login.

 On the ThinkBook 13s, users can use hot keys to answer or hang up when making Skype calls. Music can be played while the system is still in standby mode, resuming to full working capacity in less than 0.5 seconds.

 RapidCharge technology brings the battery life of each ThinkBook laptop up to 80% charge in just 60 minutes, allowing users to power up between meetings and stay mobile for longer.

 Business-grade Support

In business, PC downtime can have a cascading effect, resulting in poorer customer satisfaction that affects brand reputation. ThinkBook is supported by a range of business-grade services including Lenovo Premier Support, warranty extensions and upgrades, such as onsite next business day support and International Warranty Service to minimise any downtime.

 ThinkBooks also come with built-in self-management features, especially useful for smaller companies without dedicated onsite support teams. Among these, the preloaded Lenovo Vantage software offers tools for preventive hardware diagnostics, personalised hardware settings and auto-install of critical updates.

 RSA pricing and availability:

ThinkBook 13s starting at R14 999

ThinkBook 14 starting at R16 299

ThinkBook 15 starting at R12 499

What device do you currently use ?

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