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#YOGAMyWaySA 2015 Lenovo Launch

I am sure you all know my love for the Lenovo brand which increased tenfold when I attended their launch in my beloved London.So when an invite popped into my inbox for the #YOGAMyWaySA  launch event I was only too happy to RSVP yes!
The event is tomorow in JHB (27/01/15) , I fly tomorow morning and return back home on Wednesday.Great media trip to start 2015 off.From chatting to others at the London event it clearly obvious tomorow I am in for a treat.Lenovo loves finding unusal and secret locations for their events.The MC for the event is the ever so dashing Simba from TopBilling, who I cant wait to meet in person.
Bring on tomorow cant wait to see what Lenovo has in store for the SA market.Be sure to follow the hashtag #YOGAMyWaySA for live tweets as well as @Lenovo_Africa and @verushka143.
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