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Zone6 Venue Experience. 

On Freedom Day 27 April my cousins and I explored Soweto. We went to Zone6 Venue to meet my cousin’s friend. This was my very first visit to Soweto so I wasn’t to sure what to expect.                   
After “chatting” to my faithful bf Google I found out that Zone6 was a club type venue. So off we headed to Soweto to meet Lelo. Finding Zone6 was a bit of a mission as its literally in a taxi rank and there was no parking. Lucky for us Rico drives a Ford Ranger so we were able to climb a pavement to park.

We walked down a busy street to Zone6 only to be met by a Chesanyama place next to the club. Genius idea right – especially after a night of partying no Mcdonalds but real food. Four huge bouncers manned the gate and let in people a few at a time.
As we were let through we saw that people had pre-bought tickets from Computicket. Cover charge was R100 per person. What struck me as strange was all the party people in line with us carrying Hookahs(Hubblies) of all sizes.                                                   
Walking into the venue was mindblowing, we were greeted to a warehouse scene with what reminded me of a mini Ultra stage.Instantly I though Tomorow People and Arrow (oops series addict). There were 3 bar stations inside and an outdoor bar area by the pool with a fire going on.     
The vibe was amazing, we danced the night away, taking selfies and having fun.Thank you Zone6Venue and Soweto for a fab night out on Freedom Day.
IMG-20140521-WA005 IMG-20140521-WA006 IMG-20140521-WA007 IMG-20140521-WA011 IMG-20140521-WA001 IMG-20140521-WA004

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