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The Tao of the SpiceGoddess

According to my WordPress blog site, the SpiceGoddess blog was offically born on the 21 August 2012. Prior to that I was writing blog posts on another site. The closure of this site prompted me to start my own site and save my work before it was lost in the world wide web.
Wordpress seemed to be the best option for a newbie blogger. I navigated the site and after much playing about with words the name SpiceGoddess was born. I am by no means a techno expert and at the start I got some things very wrong. But I plodded along and slowly found my way. It took me a few changes before I found a theme that I liked and this is what it looked like.
SpiceGoddess 1st Blog
I was rather impressed with my site. The theme I found was rather adorable with the paisley design and it reminded me of an intricate mendhi design. Several of my early blog posts do not contain images because ….. wait for it …. I did not know how to insert one in. But I learnt and I firmly believe learning is lifelong. At this point I simply wrote and shared my blog posts on Twitter and shared the link with family and friends. I wrote about everything and nothing. There was no routine or categories on my blog. Somedays I posted two blog posts a day pretty keen I was.
So why did I take to blogging so easily ?
Two simple reasons :

  1. As a teenager, I was keen to follow the career path of being a journalist. My mother disapproved and spoke about all the reasons I should not. So instead I opted to become a teacher which was a pretty secure and stable career. Then the idea of blogging was introduced to me and I thought well it is time to live out that dream.
  2. Having returned from living in London for roughly a decade ,I came home to a place of strangers. Blogging became my hobby and outlet to just write.

I continued writing, started meeting local bloggers in Durban and ultimately learning more about blogging. I did not at any point write because I wanted FREE STUFF but wrote because my words needed a canvas that could be preserved. Slowly but surely brands started noticing me and there was a trickle of invites and blogger drops arriving. I could not believe it , people were actually reading my blog and I existed on the world wide web. When I look back at this blog ,I realise that towards the end I lost my passion and my blog ended up looking like a magazine with all the sponsored posts. My greatest regret is not having started my blogging journey earlier while living in London.
In April 2014, I took the plunge and was born on launched on the 20th of April (My birthday). Two amazing friends of mine made my dream a reality 1 by designing the site and the other by designing by gorgeous logo. At that point everything about me was Pink and my blog reflected that too.
SpiceGoddess 2nd Blog
The more I read the more I learnt about the world of blogging. My following on various platforms grew and the blogger drops and invites started to increase. I was now identified as the SpiceGoddess or my Twitter handle @verushka143. I have been very fortunate to have worked and continue to work with some pretty amazing brands. My WordPress blog has just under 14 000 views and my current blog now has on average 6000 views a month sometimes more.
One of my biggest highlights, was going to London for a worldwide launch for Lenovo. I was over the moon getting a chance to go back to my old stomping grounds for six magical days. I have met several local and international celebrities and all this has been possible because of my blog.
5 Tips for Blogging :

  1. Write about what interests you.
  2. Do not start a blog for freebies.
  3. Read different blogs.
  4. Connect with bloggers in your hometown and around the world.
  5. Share your blog links

This year I decided the blog needed a much more grown up look. The pink background was taken away and this was born. I worked on creating this setup on my own. There are several things to still work on but hey learning never ends so I will continue.
My ultimate would be to be able turn my passion for my blog into a full time paying job. This means I could focus more on what I really love and not do my blogging on a part time basis.
2015 has been a year of adventures for the SpiceGoddess. The blogger drops have increased ,weekly invites arrive in my inbox and often I am flown for the day or overnight to events. I have worked with some really fantastic brands and met some of the most amazing people. BUT most of all I am writing and fulfilling my dream of a journalist.
To all my readers ,fellow bloggers ,family and amazing brands I work or have worked with I THANK YOU for supporting the SpiceGoddess. Without you believing in me I would not have made it so far. I believe that there are greater days awaiting the SpiceGoddess and that someday my ultimate dream will become a reality.
When did you start following my journey? Do you have a favourite post ?
Be Inspired !
Spicegoddess Signature-1

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54 thoughts on “The Tao of the SpiceGoddess

  1. Hi Verushka…..Please please take me under your wings.Yes, I am a late bloomer but I am ready to learn.I am touching 52 and had no clue about blogging being commercial. I started my career at 40 when my husband died.Took up various jobs since then from teacher to Communications manager but cannot work full time now because of my spinal surgeries.I am a freelancer now and can devote more of my time to blogging.Please guide me.

  2. Go you!! It’s lovely to hear that things you love become successful. You are doing something right, keep at it and keep learning. I feel in transition right now. I have been using Blogger for a number of years and want to start running e-courses. I also want to develop more as a blogger, so think I should start looking at getting a domain and WordPress. Enjoyed this post, inspiring. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Congratulations on your evolution as a blogging writer. I have found you very recently via the Comment Club and have been enjoying your posts for a few weeks. It has been a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to reading more posts.

  4. πŸ™‚ Wonderful reflections, Verushka. Those five tips are spot on. It is great to read about your blogging journey from when you started to where you are today. May you grow and grow, and may your dreams come true!

  5. Thanks for sharing your amazing journey from starting to where you are now.
    I went into blogging purposefully not posting photos in my posts, because I want readers to get lost in my words so to speak, but I do share some images sometimes. I’m not very good when it comes to changing things – I looked at hundreds of themes last week, tried a few out and kept going back to my current theme.

  6. Love this post Spice Godess.I stumbled upon you blog late last year.I was immediately drawn to your posts.You are definitely are a mistress of words. I binged read for a few days πŸ™‚

  7. Hahah! Hey Happy belated birthday V. Hope you had a blast.
    Got to know alot more about you. Mad respect for your story.
    Ahhhh you lived in London? Lucky Packet. The English can make any sentence sound Epic.
    Started blogging in April. Yeah it’s “A Life without Traffic” post

  8. Congratulations! Your blog is growing and now you are achieving something that we couldn’t expect, and that’s really awesome! Keep on sharing your inspiring stories, and we are here together to your journey πŸ˜€

  9. This is a lovely review of your blogging journey. I can definitely sympathize with the desire to make blogging a career, but the enormous challenge of it as well when all you wanna do it write your soul and not worry about the rest.

  10. ” wrote because my words needed a canvas that could be preserved.” Beautifully put and I love to hear your story. I just started blogging and had no idea there was a whole world out there. I am inspired by your words and look forward to hearing more.
    Love the name of your site too!

  11. Wonderful post! πŸ™‚ so inspirational, keep up the good work πŸ™‚
    ~ Jasmin N

  12. Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us, such an inspirational blogging story πŸ™‚ i love how successful you are now and that you show that it comes with passion that you have for blogging πŸ™‚

  13. Your advice is always so fun and casual, it feels like I’m sitting with a friend. Thanks for the blogging inspiration and motivation – I also have to say that I love your old design too. Looks like you’ve always had great bloggy taste πŸ˜€

  14. you are one blogger who truly gives me reason to write well, you inspire me with your posts and now with this, its higher than it used to be … thanks for letting me in.

  15. I just loved reading the article. It is so inspiring. Blogging does open many doors. I ama newbie and I really up to you. All the best πŸ™‚

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