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Lessons for Instagram for Bloggers

About two years ago, I set up an Instagram (IG) account on my Tablet and forgot about it. At that point in time I had a mobile phone that did not allow me access to IG. This never bothered me much as I used Twitter my 1st Social Media love on a regular basis. So I continued blogging and tweeting like one does without paying too much attention to my neglected IG account and then something happened…. Back track one year ago.
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I was approached by a prominent local PR company to see if I would be interested in working on a project with them. I was very excited to be asked to work on a project that showcased the beautiful city of Durban that I live in. Then I was sent a standard proforma asking me for details and stats about my various Social Media platforms. At that point I was using most Twitter and Facebook. After submitting the required information , I was told I that I no longer qualified as my IG account was not active enough. Upset was an understatement , I was angry even though my Twitter following was 2000 followers it did not matter. Eventually I got over it and moved on BUT the lesson here was not having an active Instagram account lost me a job.
Daily around the world , Apps are being created to make the lives of us Techno people so much easier. Late last year I discovered an App to use on my old mobile handset that allowed me to use IG. So finally I could use this Social Media platform but I was not using it effectively.
So what is Instagram?
A social media application that allows you to post images and 15sec videos online. These posts can be shared on three platforms at the same time. (Facebook, Twitter and IG) This application allows you to share your world one post at a time with millions around the world instantly. It is common to go out and find people taking pictures of their food before eating for IG. Instagram is an increasing popular social media platform as it has an extremely large number of users worldwide and you are not restricted to 140 characters like Twitter. And it is a perfect way to store your memories online.
Why should you as a blogger use IG?

  1. Creates another platform for you to share posts on.
  2. Allows you to build a following.
  3. Instant interaction with like minded people especially readers of your blog.
  4. Free App.
  5. Has a variety of photo editing filters to edit your pics.

7.Allows you to interact with brands and other bloggers.
Instagram Profile : verushka143
So how do you use IG ?

  1. Download the free app.
  2. Set up a profile.
  3. Link your profile to Facebook and Twitter so that your IG posts can be shared on both these platforms at the same time.
  4. Use a profile picture of your face as posts with a face gets more interactions and shows a lil bit about the human on the otherside of the screen.
  5. Use a profile picture that you have used on other social media platforms so that it is easy to identify you.
  6. Put your link into your bio for your blog.
  7. Write an interesting bio.
  8. Use the same name for your IG profile that is one other platforms for easy identification.For example my Twitter and IG handles are @verushka143.

Now what next ?

  1. You are all set to upload your first picture on IG.
  2. Pictures can be used from your Gallery.
  3. These images can be made into collages before posting.
  4. A filter can be added to the image before posting which can change the lightness,darkness or colours of the image.
  5. Dont just post an image write a lil story put in hashtags. People like reading lil stories.  By putting in hashtags it allows people to search for specific images and your post could pop up.

For sharing new blog posts I put up an image from the post.To that image I direct the viewer to my blog stating Link in Bio while I give a lil summary of the post. I use the #blogger often when posting all things blog related.
There is a steady increase of brands using IG as another platform to promote their products. The South African market is a tad bit slower in comparison to other parts of the world. Bloggers are now making money just by posting images and some of them are making large amounts of money by doing this.
Do you have an Instagram account? Are you following me on IG?
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