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The Tao of why we need to UNPLUG #TuesdayTruth

Life and the world around us has a funny sense of teaching us lessons. Each lesson I learn makes me realise just how much I need to still learn. Learning never ends and we should always be enriching our lives with experiences and information.
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Over the weekend, my mobile phone went on a weird moment and ended up on a stuck mode downloading software. Instantly a screen I had not seen before popped up and this made me afraid. The thought of not been able to be in touch with the world left me almost in tears. But this encounter was such a blessing as I got to spend quality time with my family while visiting sick relatives in a local hospital. The one thing my cousin said as soon as she saw me was that it was so good to see me in reality and not online. This made me realise just how much time I personally spend online. We spent several hours chatting away over coffee. All this time ,my frozen phone was in my handbag hiding from the world.
I knew that 9/10 times to fix any mobile phone problem , one would need to let the battery die totally. Once the battery was drained, recharging it would literally be giving the phone a reset and a reboot generally fixes any faults. So we got home much later that evening and YES my phone was totally dead I plugged it in to charge and awaited for it to show any signs of life….. and then the little symbol of a lightening strike appeared and the handset was charging. I was over the moon knowing that there were signs of life.Basically unplugging or letting my phone die gave it a chance to live again.
In our home when most things dont work, the first thing we do is unplug the device give it a few minutes and then allow it to reboot. Generally everything fixes itself up and is back working again. Using this simple method of fixing things one can apply this to even fixing us. Life is filled with battles on a daily basis, we are faced with difficult situations and people. And generally things are beyond our control.
I have learnt that we do need to unplug and allow for a reboot to take place.There are 10  simples things one can do to unplug and you dont need to spend hours doing it  :

  1. Switch your mobile phone on silent.
  2. Go outside for a walk.
  3. Listen to music that makes you happy.
  4. Get a hobby like adult colouring.
  5. Play with your children or pets.
  6. Have a bubble bath.
  7. Lie in a dark room in silence.
  8. Meditate.
  9. Read a book.
  10. Run your hands under an open tap.

Unplugging is vital for us to function. We get so caught up with the hustle and bustle of the world that we forget we need to stop and relax.When you unplug you see things clearer ,have a different viewpoint and often we just let it go and have faith that everything will be ok.
This unplug time is your way of saying thank you to your body,mind and soul. Use the time to reconnect with the real you,focus on your dreams and to be kind to yourself because you matter.
Currently I got so much going on that ,I  find daily I am starting to give myself small unplug sessions to get a reboot. These lil sessions give me the much needed time out and I am then ready to tackle all tasks.
Today I urge you to unplug for a few minutes. Reconnect with the true you and then focus on what is important to you. What do you do to unplug yourself from the noise of the world?
Be Inspired !
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