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2016 a year for SelfCare #TuesdayTruth

Often we are so busy being Superheros trying to save the world that we forgot about someone very important. That someone is you the person staring back at you each time you look into the mirror. The word I chose for 2016 , is LOVE it is such a small word with so many meanings.
2016 a year for selfcare
When spending time over the last few days looking at the goals I wanted to achieve for 2016, several were based on focusing on me. This got me thinking that all this points to LOVE of yourself. We need to love and care for ourselves first before we can put on our SuperHero capes and save the world. And we can then give off our best and make a bigger difference to the lives of others.
I decided to explore SelfCare and think about the things I would like to do or achieve in terms of looking after myself. We live in stressful times and often we stress about things we can not change.
Tips for SelfCare :

  1. Eat properly. This means 3 healthy and balanced meals a day and includes at least 1,5 litres of water daily. Because of the crazy hours I work ,I tend to skip meals and often grab a meal on the run. So this year I plan on getting up to eat breakfast and then start my day. I always have a bottle of water on me but I intend on increasing my intake of H20 and cutting down on sugar.
  2. Getting enough sleep. We need sufficient sleep in order for us to function properly without the java or sugar fix in the morning. I tend to get home most days by 8:30pm and roughly sleep after midnight. My mind is constantly on a buzz and working. Part of the culprit is technology aka my mobile phone, I am going to aim to turn off notifications on phone by 10:30pm and put my phone away from me. This way I will be able to actually switch off and not constantly check my phone and respond to messages.
  3. Saving ! As one gets older one realises the value of money and how we should save more. So this means cutting down on those shopping sprees. I personally have a direct debit each month, which goes off my account the same day I get paid into my savings account. This is a great way to save without having to physically put the money aside. Over 2 years ago Mum , introduced me or should I say re-introduced me to saving in a Piggy Bank. Such a blast from the past we loved saving as a kid and we should as an adult. Once a week I empty out the coin section of my wallet and take out all the R5 coins ( this is the largest value coin in  South Africa) and deposit them into my box. I try not to use these coins in my wallet. If I happen to get money I did not expect I often pop in a few notes you will be pleasantly surprised just how much you can save.
  4. Treat yourself. Once a month normally after pay-day you should treat yourself to something special no no not a designer bag or shoes but possibly a notebook , a haircut or a pedicure. Just a little treat almost like a Thank You gift to yourself.
  5. Make time for you. Take time out for all the things that make you happy. Be it a lazy Sunday morning in bed , a Bubble Bath , going to the movies to watch a movie you want alone are just some ways to make some me time. Turning off from Technology time to time is also a great time out. I plan on learning how to meditate and do this once a week as well as spend some time colouring my newest Hobby.

These are just some ways we can take care of ourselves. I plan on looking after me better in 2016 cause I do matter and I am important. Join me in taking care of yourself this year and let me know what you are / will be doing.
Be Inspired !
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