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To Change or not to Change ?

Life is funny sometimes, well actually most times. We all want to change the world  and save the world. But before we can become a Superhero and wear a cape,  we ourselves need to change.
Change quote RumiRumi is one of my favourite poets ever. He was a 13th century Poet of Persian origin. His works have been translated into several different languages around the world and is still very popular even today. Rumi wrote about life and the love for God. He belonged to the Sufi faith. Rumi used poetry , music and dance as a pathway to God. The Whirling Dervishes which are so beautiful to watch was formed using Rumi’s ideas. These Dervishes seem intoxicated by the music and their love for God. I have only ever watched this online , I hope someday to experience this in reality. Rumi’s works have inspired people all over the world. Several people use the works of Rumi as love poems.
Now back to #TuesdayTruth , as a young person we have these dreams of changing the world and righting all the wrongs of the world that we see. But this battle can be rather difficult and not often is success seen. So instead of wanting to change the world start changing YOU. Remember these changes can cause a ripple effect and create ultimately the change we want to see in the world.
We can not fix everything and as we grow older do we learn these lessons. Not everything can be changed or fixed. Each of us are on different journeys and are not yet ready to embrace change.With life experiences we learn these hard lessons but these prepare us for tomorow.When we are physically and mentally ready will we embrace change into our lives.
Starting from today , I am going to start working on me. In the words of Gandhi “Be the change you want to see in the world”. I am going to start making changes that are neccessary to keep me sane,positive,grateful ,kind and surrounded by cheerleaders. Give out most what you want to recieve and you will get it back.
Life is always sending us lil messages. Nudging us into the right direction but often we are too busy with everything around us to notice these messages. Once we start to focus on us and start making changes Life starts rewarding you in ways that you never knew existed.
Change starts with you ! Be a example to others so that they to will follow your lead. Have you heard of Rumi? Who is your favourite poet ?
Be Inspired !
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