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Find your Passion #TuesdayTruth

Passion comes in so many forms just like the word Love.Most associate the word Passion with sex.After seeing this quote, I was reminded about how excited I get when speaking about my passion.When one is excited about somethimg they are passionate about they have that look of love on their face the fire burning within their soul.Like a new love we become excited talking/doing our passion and we start to glow.So this quote is very true that I get all excited when talking about blogging and social media almost a lil flustered at times. We often see people stuck in jobs doing things they dont enjoy and they look miserable.
I recall many moons ago in school, I wrote an English literature essay on Passion.This was based on Romeo and Juliet.Shakespeare explored so many different forms of passion here and I loved the intensity that various characters portrayed here.Needless to say, I think that was when I realised I could write as my essay got given 95%. So it takes ages but I have found my Passion again and I feel amazing.Changing the world one word at a time.
My #TuesdayTruth to you is find something that you love and are passionate about follow it and start to notice the change in you as you transform.Others around you will notice this passion in you burning and glowing bright and this will start to have a ripple effect.Have an amazing week passionate darlings.
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