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@Madame_Zingara #Review

@Madame_Zingara #Review

On Sunday, I ticked off one of my must do/must eat lists.Ever since coming back to South Africa, I have wanted to go to see a magical Madame Zingara show but tickets were always sold out.So when I recieved a media invite I couldnt contain my excitement.After reading so many rave reviews and having the opportunity last year to interview many from the Zingarian family this just heightend my excitement.I knew that the evening was going to be nothing sort of magical and a sensory overload.

Mother Nature had other plans on Sunday and decided that Durban needed so rain showers.Mum and I arrived at Suncoast where Madame Zingara is situated and admist the rain showers and dark gloomy cloud, the magic could be seen with gigantic MZ in bright pink.We hurried along likeimage002 everyone one image002 quick as possible to get in from the rain.The Durban beautiful people were dressed in their finery and were busy buying feathers and trinkets to add on.The beautiful and much talented diva Lillian checked us in.We milled around watching people getting their faces painted.

There was such a feeling of excitement in the air, and we all waited patiently to enter and then we were ushered into the beautiful tent.Waiters and waitresses dressed in outlandish crazy clothing seated us and welcomed us to Madame Zingara.The gorgeous Mike aka the cowboy was our waiter for the evening.The meal options for the evening were explained, drink orders taken and a yummy mezze platter arrived.It took me some time to decide on what I wanted eventually I settled for the Lamb shank which was divine while mum chose the veg option.Halaal and Kosher meal options can be arranged.

Now it was time to blow out the candle on our table and enter the magical and mystical world of Madame Zingara.I could feel the magic in the air and didnt want leave the magic land of Zingaria.Madame Zinagara is really a sensory overload in every way possible.Mum and I were gobsmacked at the various acts and laughing so hard that our cheeks hurt.Every performance was of such a high standard and included very talented performers from around the world.Dessert was a moorish trio of yumminess in the form of vanilla pod ice cream, malva pudding and a red velvet layered treat.The service was amazing as was the quality of the food.

After such a magical evening I didnt want to leave all I wanted was to live in the world of Madame Zingara after and forever so all my dreams and night wishes can come true always.Thank you to Madame Zingara for hosting mum and I and giving us a night to defo go down in the memory books.There are a few bookings left for April so if you can go on and make a booking, you wont regret it.

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