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Life Lessons from crayons….#TuesdayTruth

This weekend saw me start a new hobby but more about that in another post.However the materials used took me back to childhood and yes I did feel like a child all over again.
Colouring FunAnd like always the Universe sends me subtle messages with powerful words.I came across the image and loved it.
CrayonsEach box is made up with different colours some that we love and use often and some that we never use.Not all get our attention.Some are old but they will be our favourites.From light to dark shades and tones they are all put together.
So why I am I talking about Crayons….Well here goes :
1)Crayons are like people and the box is the world we live in.
2)All the crayons live together even though they look different.Why cant us humans do the same?
3)In our world , we have people from different religions,races ,shapes and sizes but we find it hard to accept people.We find fault with the differences and these differences have often caused serious crimes against humanity.So why cant we learn to just live together like crayons and except our differences?
4)Each colour of crayon has their purpose in colouring that cant be replaced.So too does every human have their place in this world.
5)A box of different coloured crayons looks like a rainbow and gives us a variety of colours to work with.Now imagine if the box was filled with just one colour, how boring would that be.So too the world would be a boring place if every human was a carbon copy of each other.
My #TuesdayTruth lesson today is about learning to live in harmony with others while accepting their differences.Their differences are what makes the world a brighter place and not forgetting interesting.
If you were a crayon what colour would you be ? Well tough choice …I would be a pink crayon.
Be Inspired !

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