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My latest hobby Adult Colouring

Colouring FunAfter seeing several posts on my different Social Media platforms on the latest hobby taking Adults by storm,I knew I needed to find out more.It was then that I discovered that Adult Colouring was not  just big in South Africa but all over the world.So what is it and why are we all rushing out to buy these books ?
Adult colouring has been around for ages.Carl Jung a famous pyschologist gave his patients Mandalas to colour in.Hmm ok and ?? Adult colouring is a stress free creative activity.It relaxes the brain.The brain is trained to concentrate and focus on the intricate patterns as well as fine tune your motor skills.Colouring is also a fantastic way to create some downtime from all our Technology gadgets.Off recent there has been several articles on having a Techno detox well colouring gives you exactly that.A coloured in pattern gives one a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.Colouring has a very calming and therapeutic effect and this can clearly be seen in children.
The last few weeks have been super stressful and busy for me.So last week I went on a mission to buy an Adult Colouring book.I visited several stores and the bargain hunter in me could not justify spending R100 on a colouring book even though I knew all the benefits and plus if my mum knew how much it was she would have a fit.Finally I decided to go into CNA and yay I found the book for just R39 bargain I tell you.And what is even better is that it comes in different issuses so I will defo be back to check CNA out.Besides the book I needed to get some colour pencils and crayons.I felt like a kid again all excited and could not wait to get home and get started.
On Saturday, Mother Nature seemed to be in a foul mood and Durban ended up dull,gloomy and wet.To me it was perfect London weather which I so missed.I then decided to was a perfect day to start colouring.I paged through my book and it was an intricate design of a Mandala that caught my attention.MandalaTo set the mood, I got out my laptop tray to use as a table to colour on , set up a playlist on my phone with all my favourite songs.And then I was ready to get colouring.
I loved every minute of this new hobby of mine.Singing along to my favourite tracks while picking out my colours for each part of my Mandala was so much fun.This activity reminded me of my childhood where I loved getting colouring books and colouring in and trying to keep within the lines.For someone like me who can not draw colouring is the next best thing to let my creative juices flow.I have also found out that the choice of colours you choose have a meaning I will be exploring this soon.
I recommend Adult Colouring to everyone it is a fun and therapeutic hobby which does help in controlling our stress levels.In the world we live in today , stress is a killer and has so many effects on our body.So go on give it a try and get colouring.
The final product…..20150912_163150So yes this weekend I will be colouring.Do you have any hobbies ? What do you do to cope with stress?
Be Inspired !

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