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GHD Curling Curve Wand #Review

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory.We spend alot of time and money on products to get our hair just right.This post is not a sponsored post neither do I own this product.My hairdresser has styled my hair twice with this particular product and I loved the results.
A lil hair background on my hair.I have very thick hair which is halfway down my back in lenght.My hair is layered to get rid of some of the bulk.If I blowdry my hair it is fairly straight and I hardly ever straighten my hair.My hair has a slight wave to it and because it is always tied up it tends to be rather curly.

long hair slight wave

So when I have weddings and events to go to I love going to get my hair done.I often opt for having curls put in.I know girls with curly hair want straight hair and us straight hair girls want curly.On previous occasions, I have had tons of hairspray put into my hair just to keep my curls in place.
curls done with rollers and set with a ton of hairspraySo in April ¬†and June earlier this year when my hairdresser used the new GHD curling wand on my hair boy oh boy was I impressed.The curls lasted the entire evening and even left me with some curls the following day.And no, I was not sitting still all night but rather on the dance floor dancing the night away.I loved the size of the curls and how well they held in my hair.My hairdresser loved how much faster the curls had set.Impressed indeed I am with this product.Look at the pics ….

Getting my curl on

Getting my curl on

My talented hairdresser working her magic

My talented hairdresser working her magic

End Product
10pm and still got my curl on

10pm and still got my curl on

So a little information on this product :
* Each wand contains the patented trizone breakthrough ceramic technology that ensures the correct curling temperature 185degrees.
*Curls are formed fast and stay locked in.
*It has an oval shaped barrel to create deep , edgy and shimmering waves and movement on longer hair.
*It has a protective cool tip which allows you to hold the hair in place while you curl.
*It has a longer cord to allow you flexible styling.
*An automatic sleep mode kicks in after 30minutes of no use which is a great safety feature.
*A light and sound feature indicates on/off modes another good safety feature .
This product will set you back roughly R2000.Would I buy it ? Possibly but then I would need to learn to use it properly or my hair could just end up in a hot mess.
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