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Find your Purpose #TuesdayTruth


I guess with age comes Wisdom and understanding of life.They say like a bottle of red wine we get better with age hmmm .Personally for me I have discovered my purpose and working on making my purpose valid and the reason I was born.

Most of us discover our true calling much later in life but this doesnt mean that it is not valid or not important , I think we have to first grow, discover and experience life before we can know our why we are here on this planet.Each of our journeys are different and just waiting for us to discover.No two people have the same purpose in life so there is no need to compare your journey to someone else.Life is not measuresd by how much money you had and how many designer shoes you wore BUT by did you live with purpose and have you left behind a Legacy.

Without purpose our life has no meaning, we just become wondering souls looking for something.We keep searching and most times end up looking in the wrong places when all we need is to spend some time reflecting on ourselves and the answers will eventually reveal themeselves to you.A lot of patience is needed in this journey of discovery.

So start discovering why and trust me you will be much more happier and surprised to know why.Our purpose gives us direction and some sort of stability to our lives.And once we start living the world becomes a better place , we become better humans.

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